The Biggest Hotels In The World By Available Rooms

There is so much debate going on around the grand hotel label and how these impressive hotels should be ranked. The truth is that you can easily rank them based on stars, popularity, sheer size and amenities to get different rankings. This is why a really easy way to find out what the biggest hotels in the world are is to look at available hotel rooms. The success of a hotel should be determined based on how it can house many guests at the same time without compromising service quality and comfort. It is a certainty that quality is high with all of the hotels listed below and it should be no surprise to see Las Vegas housing so many of the huge hotels.

The Excalibur Hotel – Las Vegas – 3,981 Rooms

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The Excalibur is often listed on lists of the very best Las Vegas hotels and it is quite an accomplishment since the hotel is rather new, opening in 2008 and sporting a medieval theme. This hotels offers 3,981 rooms, 28 floors and two towers. Also, when staying there you can enjoy many restaurants, stores and theaters. As expected, there is also a casino.

The Venetian Hotel – Las Vegas – 4,027 Rooms

The Venetian is actually close to the Excalibur but it does have a really different atmosphere and theme. It was opened in the year 1999 as a full 5-star service. You need to pay at least $163 per night to stay at The Venetian and enjoy its Venice theme, gondoliers and Grand Canal. Many dining and entertainment options are included and if you love shopping, there are designer label stores available.

Ambassador City Hotel – Thailand – 4,210 Rooms

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This hotel was built in Pattaya, Thailand, over a property of 40 acres. It offers 4,210 rooms, equally divided among a building based on 4 wings. Every single wing comes with a special theme, adding so much variety and flavor. Ambassador City Hotel offers wonderful beach views and is much more affordable than expected, with guest rooms starting at around $40 per night.

Mandalay Bay Hotel – Las Vegas – 4,337 Rooms

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One of the best things of this 43 floors hotel is its location, right in the middle of Las Vegas’ entertainment center, offering easy access to gambling, dining, shopping and entertainment. Besides the numerous rooms available, starting at around $75 per night, you also find a huge convention center, one of the largest in the country, together with a large casino, a chapel, a great spa, a pool and the mandatory shopping area.

Luxor Hotel – Las Vegas – 4,400 Rooms

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As you can see, the differences in room numbers are not many between these top hotels, especially in Las Vegas. Luxor is close to some top local hotels, like Excalibur and Mandalay Bay, but it stands out because of the unique Egyptian theme. Although service rating is just 3 and a half stars, there are numerous big attractions and amenities that attract tourists from all around the world. Room prices are also more affordable, starting at around $40 per night.

Wynn And Encore – Las Vegas – 4,748 Rooms

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These sister hotels are always presented together since they are now connected, ever since Encore started operating in 2008, with Wynn opening doors in the year 2005. Both of these hotels are highly respected by those looking for luxury. All the 4,748 rooms mentioned are actually suites. Hotel stay costs at least $120 per night and this gives you access to all the high-end luxury amenities you expect in Las Vegas, plus access to a Ferrari dealership and a really good 18-hole golf course.

Disney All-Star Resort – Orlando – 5,658 Rooms

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When thinking about hotels we rarely consider theme parks but Florida’s Disney All-Star Resort is definitely the exception. There are basically 3 resorts that are combined. Every single one has a unique theme, like music, sport and movies. In total there are 5,658 rooms, with the lowest suite costing $120 per night. This might seem a lot for many but most customers are actually families that travel together, making this resort really affordable.

First World Hotel – Malaysia – 6,118 Rooms

First World Hotel is fun and colorful, located in Pahang. It was built really close to Genting Theme park so guests can easily access it. There are 6,118 rooms present, all fully functional, with numerous amenities families are going to love.

MGM Grand & Signature – Las Vegas – 6,772 Rooms

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The four towers of MGM Grand with their 30 stories each are a clear statement of Las Vegas. This is the biggest hotel in the city, with 6,772 rooms, being truly iconic in terms of the numerous events and performances housed, like concerts and even boxing matches. The Signature is the sister hotel and both offer restaurants, casinos, designer stores and shopping centers.

Izmailovo Hotel – Moscow – 7,500 Rooms

This may be a surprise for many since most people think that MGM is the biggest hotel in the world but Izmailovo has 7,500 rooms. There will be some time until a new hotel will be able to offer more. 4 towers create the hotel that was built on land previously owned by the Romanovs. Olympic athletes stayed here in 1980, which was when the hotel was practically put on the world map. Izmailovo may be just 3 stars but it is so close to numerous popular tourist attractions so there is no shortage of guests.

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