Scenic Drives In Smoky Mountains

The boarder between Tennessee and North Carolina hosts one of the most impressive National Parks from the United States: Smoky Mountains. With a number of over 9 million annual tourists, the Park has a series of historical attractions. The best conserved and the most popular is Cades Cove, a valley with important historical buildings.

There are more ways to see the beautiful views. One of them and the most popular are tours by car. There are 859 miles (1368 km) of trails. Just spend a few days driving through the natural splendor, among the foggy sunrises and the sharp landscape. The shy sun in the blue morning haze is something worth driving for.

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Furthermore, the Great Smoky Mountains offers more than 1600 plants, trees and flowers. The list doesn’t end here: you could also say hello to deer, elks and black bears. I believe it’s a fair thing to say that Smoky Mountains is a great place where the wildlife lives in harmony with a little human touch.

Visiting this Park is something you need if you want to get away from the city noise and polluted air. Keep in mind that this destination is for the ones who want to relax and have little human connection. If you want to spend quality time with your family or close friends while breathing fresh air and enjoying the nature, this is the perfect place.

Families and couples usually choose to travel by car, even though you could also use a bike or even walk by foot. There are many activities that you could do: camp, fish, raft, different games in open space – a dream come true! No wonder why this area is also called a piece of Paradise.

scenic drives smoky mountains

Great Smoky Mountains offers one of the best experience as long as you are willing to adapt and live for a few days in complete harmony with nature. Dollywood is located close to Pigeon Forge, one of the biggest parks in the country. There are many activities you could do with your family and friends, but the best ones are the walks.

My advice would be to get off your car and try to enjoy the surroundings as simple as possible: take a walk. There’s a handicraft nearby and you can go and have fun crafting candles and other stuff. If you want live entertainment, there are many options in Dollywood, the host of one of the biggest music festivals in United States.

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