Portugal’s Best Boutique Hotels All Around The Country

In Portugal there have been many boutique hotels opened in the past month. This is why we should talk about the very best that you can stay at. While the list can include many other boutique hotels, the three mentioned below are definitely the very best at the moment, according to tourists from all around the world.

L’And Vineyards Resort – Alentejo

This region is great for those that want to see a piece of rural Portugal. Pigs actually still roam free here, right under large oak trees. You can even see stork nests and ancient bell towers. The boutique hotel is found among vineyards. Seeing the white, low-slung, modernist buildings is quite a surprise.

What is interesting is that this hotel appeared thanks to the work of Marcio Kogan, a well-known Brazilian architect. The L’And Vineyards Resort is dominated by slate and wood, all with many other extra additions. You can stay at one of the 22 spacious rooms that are perfectly decorated and that feature up-to-date technology with features like iPod docks. The ceilings can electronically roll back and the restaurant offers all that you would expect from Portugal cuisine. If you decide to stay at the boutique hotel, be sure to try the sommelier tastings available and that you consider booking the Sky View Suite One!

Areias Do Seixo – Costa De Prata

The Areias Do Seixo appeared because Goncalo Alves and Marta Fonseca did not manage to find hotels that they loved. The result was a really warm boutique hotel located half an hour away from Lisbon. It is small enough that you will feel as if you are right at home and is complete environmentally friendly. There are 14 bedrooms that take full advantage of solar power and geothermal energy.

Every room will be differently decorated. There are pebble walls and polished cement floors you will love and a private wooden deck if you want a great view. You will definitely appreciate the atmosphere that is offered by the energetic owners and the home cooked food that is served in a restaurant that is quite chick. There are campfire evenings, a spa and a swimming pool you will want to try. Try to book the Nha Cretcheu room and you will feel even better.

Bella Vista Hotel & Spa – Algarve

This hotel is nineteenth century based after being converted into the very first hotel ever opened in Algarve, in the year 1934. Although modifications were made, the position is still prime beachfront and ever since you go through the wrought iron entrance gates you will love what you see.

You can stay at one of the eleven bedrooms, enjoy the numerous decoration artifacts, the bold colors and the high quality materials included. The 6 bedroom addition villa named Casa Azul is a truly interesting option and if you do visit, do be sure you try the spa services. They are truly helping you feel great and healthy. Ask before you visit since there are many things that can be experienced from Jacuzzi to technology access.

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