Nightlife In Austin, Texas

Austin has the reputation of being the live music capital of the world. Texas’ capital is also known for the film community and Formula 1 Circuit. Austin is a great place for people who love outdoor activities like hiking, biking and boating, but also for those who love to stay up all night and enjoy an exciting night out.

From dancing clubs and live music to games and comedy clubs, Austin knows how to bring the nightlife fun to a whole new level.

Live Music

Austin live music

More than 200 venues host multiple shows every week. Heaven on Earth for those who love live bands and vocalists. Great places for live music can be found anywhere in Austin.

You’ll definitely need a lot of time to explore all of them and it will be for sure a very exciting experience but if you don’t have a long stay in Austin, Elephant Room, Emo’s, Broken Spoke and Cactus Café should be on your list if you want to experience the endless variety of the live music scene.

  • Elephant Room

Austin’s “Best Jazz Bar”, Elephant Room, features an intimate setting, great jazz music and a very friendly atmosphere.

  • Emo’s

If you want to listen to underground music or rock music and to experience high energy all around you, Emo’s the place for you.

  • Broken Spoke

Authentic Texas cuisine, a dance floor that waits for you and great country music are the best way to experience Texas’ lifestyle!

  • Cactus Café

Ranked in the top 15 clubs in the US by Billboard, Cactus Café is a coffee house with sandwiches and good coffee during the day and an eclectic music room during the night.

Comedy Clubs

austin comedy clubs

For a night full of laughter and good entertainment, Austin offers a variety of stand-up, improvisation and group comedy shows you can choose from. Wit joke lovers and people with great sense of humor will fall in love with Austin. Esther’s Follies, ColdTowne Theater, Latino Comedy Project and Carousel Lounge are just four of Austin’s best comedy clubs.

  • Esther’s Follies

Music, magic and comedy in one place, this is the best place to describe Esther’s Follies. Why would you choose between satire, music and illusions when you can have all of them in one place?

  • ColdTowne Theater

ColdTowne is an intimate and cozy theater and according to The Austinist it is the number one city theater.

  • Latino Comedy Project

For funny sketches and social satire, you need to book a sit at Latino Comedy Project.

  • Carousel Lounge

When the bar theme is circus, you know you’ll have a lot of fun inside!

Dancing Clubs

austin dance clubs

If you feel too energized for a stand-up show or for a live music concert, dancing is the answer! The best clubs to forget about problems and to feel young and free are for sure in Austin! Red Fez and Choppers are the places you really need to attend if you’re living for parties!

  • Red Fez

With a very stylish look, this Austin club is perfect for drinks and dance. When it comes to music be ready to hear anything from hip-hop to indie rock and world hits.

  • Choppers

If old-school fun is what you have in mind when you are heading to a party, be ready to enjoy 70s, 80s and 90s music in a biker-themed bar.

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