Majestic Easter in Santorini

Although famous for its breathtaking views, lunar landscaped beaches and whitewashed cave houses of typical Cycladic architecture, the island of Santorini is not only a place to spend your summer holiday or romantic honeymoon. This multifaceted island keeps thrilling visitors with its unique beauty, warm locals and living tradition.


Santorini-View from Village of Oia
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Even though summer has not arrived yet, spring is here to cheer us up and make us want to go on a trip. And where better than beautiful Greece and particularly Santorini. However, it’s not only the fine weather and sea breeze that visitors can enjoy in Santorini. The great celebrations of Easter (Pascha) are also close enough! As in most places around Greece, if not in the whole of the country, Santorini celebrates Easter in glory too! Easter is considered to be the greatest religious celebration in Greece, therefore customs and traditions abound before and during the Week of Passions.

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Easter in Santorini is magical! Every year, visitors flock to the island to experience the prevailing joyful atmosphere that make people fall in love with the place. The traditional celebrations are many, but what you truly need to see is the wooden structure resembling the Tomb of Jesus, which is decorated in colorful flowers and taken around any village, settlement or town, followed by the congregation. Those of you choosing Santorini, should definitely attend this wonderful tradition in the medieval village of Pyrgos, where cobbled streets are lined with candles, making the village look like burning in the evening of Good Friday.


Easter In Santorini
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To attend the mass for the Resurrection of Christ go to the Monastery of Prophet Elias situated on the highest point of Santorini. There might not be any spectacular effects, but the chants and magnificent night view of Caldera and the fireworks set off by other churches celebrating the Resurrection at 24:00 sharp are surely rewarding.


Via flickr
Via flickr


Furthermore, at Easter Santorini is filled with aromas and tastes. Bakeries cannot stop making the delicious fluffy pastry, called tsoureki, and the traditional melitinia (pastries filed with soft cheese and honey).  Moreover, the soup, sgardoumia, especially prepared for the evening of Holy Saturday, is made of the lamb’s liver and holds a prominent place on the Easter table.  Nevertheless, you won’t be able to disregard other local culinary temptations.

For some extra fun and an early taste of summer head to Fira, main town of Santorini, and dance the night away in one of the lively bars and clubs perched on the cliffs of red-rock Caldera, offering stunning views over the sea and the iconic volcano. Have a mouthwatering cocktail or a glass of sweet Vinsanto and let the divine vibes of this magnificent island charm you once more!

By Zoe Mouchritsa

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