5 Interesting Things To Do In Jamaica That Are Really Popular

There is no reason to neglect Jamaica if you want to plan a wonderful vacation. This is a country that is so underestimated and that offers various incredible things to do. Let us jump straight to the point and mention those 5 that we see as the most interesting. You can easily continue your research from here and plan a great vacation.

Ocho Rios
By Kyle James under CC BY-SA 2.0


Ocho Rios – The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is definitely a favorite Jamaican travel destination for most people that get there. The great thing about it is that it is not really as popular as some of the others we will mention but it is a guarantee that you will love it.

You will definitely appreciate the fact that The Blue Hole is not commercialized yet as it is still being run by locals. Just take some 10 dollar tips with you and enjoy everything that you can see here.

St. Ann’s Bay – Firewater Mineral Healing Spring

This is the sort of destination that you hear a lot about from the locals but that is rarely included in travel packages. It is a shame though since it is definitely something that you want to see in Jamaica.

The only problem is that there are no signs that will help you to actually find this place. You need to talk to someone that knows how to take you there or opt for a really good and up-to-date navigator.

Ocho Rios – White River Tubing

This is quite an interesting adventure that you can be a part of. The entire White River is renowned for the beauty that it has and it is not at all difficult to build some wonderful memories here while you go white river tubing. The scenery is tropical and it is a guarantee that you will love the tour because it basically starts off with something relaxing, peaceful, only to eventually turn into a real adventure. Quite an unforgettable memory.

Falmouth – Glistering Waters

Also known as Luminous Lagoon, this is the magical place that you want to go to if you want something truly rare and romantic. You can only find such an attraction in 4 places around the world. The name comes from the luminous glow that you get to see, which is caused by small microorganisms emitting light when touched. The phenomenon is known under the name bioluminescence and you need to experience it to believe it.


By Alfred Moya under CC BY 2.0
By Alfred Moya under CC BY 2.0


St. Elizabeth – Floyd’s Pelican Bar

You want to visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar and then brag about the fact that you did. It is located 3 quarters of a mile into the sea, right in Parottee Bay. It is a truly unique place where you can have a drink or eat as you experience a truly exquisite environment.

The ride there lasts around 20 minutes and once you reach your destination, you can swim, drink, eat something delicious and simply make memories. The water is just waist deep and as clear as you surely imagine it to be.

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