Iceland’s Iconic Luxury Hotels

Iceland offers simply craggy sea cliffs, dramatic waterfalls, geothermal valleys and some natural marvels you cannot see anywhere else. The experience of visiting is simply incredible but if you want more, staying at a luxury hotel is definitely something you want to take into account. Iceland offers many top luxury hotels and if you want the very best, the following ones are definitely those that should be taken into account.

Hotel Ranga – Hella


The hotel can be found around 75 minutes to Reykjavik’s south. This is a 51 rooms luxury hotel that is close to many of Iceland’s truly spectacular remote and natural wonders. You will surely appreciate the northern lights views and most tourists praise the observatory. This addition even offers telescopes. Many honeymooners and celebrities can be seen here, mainly due to the luxury and the cozy cabin décor. Make sure you take advantage of the outdoor geothermal hot tubs and you choose your suite since there are different options available.

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel – Thingvellir


The glass and concrete façade coming out of majestic Icelandic landscape looks like it is taken right out of a novel. Everything looks great and there are 45 rooms that you are going to be able to chill in, all with organic amenities, gorgeous views, modern technology and much more. In the restaurant you will find New Nordic cuisine and you will love the spa. While this is not great for all tastes, thrill seekers and romantic couples will surely want to consider this luxury hotel.

Silica Hotel – Grindavik


Silica is where Blue Lagoon was filmed. The dramatic landscapes you see there are memorable and the geothermal mineral water present is what you surely want to experience. There is a small private lagoon the hotel has and guests will enjoy complete freedom, all separated from the local, popular medicinal waters. Couples will love the hotel and if you have skin conditions that could be treated, all is double great.

Hotel Borg – Reykjavik, The Capital Region

hotel-borg-reykjavik-the-capital-regionThe upscale property that was built in the year 1930, fully restored to the original Art Deco elements offers 99 luxurious rooms. Just think about the fact that in the bathroom you will find heated marble floors together with various amenities everyone will love. Glamour is definitely the best way to describe Hotel Borg. The seasonal dishes are tasty and although breakfast will be extra, you want to be sure you consider it.

Apotek Hotel – Reykjavik

apotek-hotel-reykjavikThe historic, upscale boutique hotel is located right in the middle of the city. It features 45 luxurious rooms with large sitting areas, high ceilings, wonderful city views and parquet floors. The only problem is there is no real storage space available. However, bathrooms are very large, many with wet room designed showers. While you will not find a spa or a gym, the fitness center next door is more than enough for those that stay.

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