Here’s Why People Travel To Paris To Shop

Parisians always have a wonderful fashion sense, even when the budget is modest. This is normally because of the wealth of shopping opportunities available in the city. You will surely love all that is offered, with so many great shopping districts that have to be considered. While we can definitely highlight may stores and boutiques, we decided to focus on shopping districts, the best of the best in France’s capital. Paris truly is a shopping heaven. This is why many actually travel to Paris just to shop, sometimes even going by air. It might seem weird but Paris is a mecca for people that love shopping so when living in Europe, why not visit that mecca?

Tuileries And Louvre Districts

Tuileries And Louvre Districts

If you want to put your hands on the main designer fashion, really high quality cosmetics and chic home furnishings, this is where you want to be. All that we have to do is mention Colette, the concept store that is known all around the world and not just in Paris.

The main shopping streets to consider are Place Vendome, Rue de la Paix and Rue Saint-Honore. We have to add Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore because it is the center of fashion and design for people living in Paris and visiting Paris. After you finish with your shopping you want to consider Hotel Costes Bar And Lounge for the cocktails (necessary after such a high-end shopping experience).

Boulevard Haussmann – Grand Boulevards


If you are looking for Paris’ flagship Belle-Epoque department stores, this is where you want to be. The main shopping streets are Place de la Madeleine and Boulevard Haussmann. Many old Parisian stores are located here, with such an amazing feel. Many designer collections for women and men are featured, but you also have the possibility of shopping for food, hardware, jewelry and home design elements. During winter months the experience is even more special since it features lovely decorations.

Les Arcades – Covered Passageways


These passages are located in the same area as above but we have to say that they deserve a special mention of their own. Galerie Vivienne is a must-see because of the luxury boutiques present, the rare bookshops and the toy shops that offer really interesting gifts opportunities.

If you are looking for other arcades, you want to check out the great Passage Jouffroy and Passage du Grand Cerf.



Marais is great for shopping since it has many old traditional shops that were retrofitted right into some chic boutiques. The shopping district is perfect for high quality chains, artisan jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, high fashion, perfumeries, cosmetics, fine art galleries and antiques.

We have to add that this quarter is historic, a main stomping ground for the locals that want to find something unique at prices that are more affordable. This includes French tea, gourmet foods, chocolate, fashionable chains, boutiques and more. If we were to recommend one stop, make sure that you go to Merci. It features books, men fashion, women fashion, accessories, home décor and so much more.


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