Expensive Hotels In Spain You Would Most Likely Love To Experience

Traveling to a really popular country like Spain can be a true delight and there should be no surprise to see some stunning hotels that can be considered. While most tourists are budget-conscious and look for highly-affordable accommodations, some have money to spare. If this is the case, you should know that there are numerous choices available.

The most expensive hotels in Spain give you the possibility of seeing the elite and the wealthy. Are you wondering what wonderful expensive hotels can be considered in the country? Below you can find some that are really expensive and that give you wonderful amenities and features.

Westin Palace Hotel – Madrid

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Westin Palace was established in 1912 and is perfectly located close to numerous tourist attractions and hot spots. The hotel may be older but it did go through various renovations. Even so, it still maintained its classic appeal and historic charm.

Westin Palace stands out as one of the really elegant Madrid hotels, being well-known for its stunning stained-glass dome. The hotel is definitely elegant but every single room includes high-quality bedding, furnishings and technology.

If you stay at Westin Palace, you want to get some drinks or aperitifs under the dome, all while enjoying live entertainment.

Hotel Arts – Barcelona

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Hotel Arts is a part of the Ritz Carlton chain so you know it is luxurious, although opened just in 1994. Its location is wonderful, overlooking Barceloneta Beach and the city center. Staying here allows you to access numerous shops, choose what nightlife to enjoy, experience find dining and grab drinks at entertaining bars.

In the event that you want to stay at the hotel, you can enjoy contemporary art, a sauna, a pool and various high-end boutiques. Hotel rooms include hydromassage showers.

Hotel Alva Park Costa Brava – Platja De Fenals

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Hotel Alva Park Costa Brave is offering rooms that are luxurious and highly spacious, 750 square feet. All are elegantly furnished and designed. They are also filled with technology. A whirlpool bath awaits you and if you enjoy an exotic experience, you need to visit the hotel’s Butterfly Garden, a restaurant that recreates the natural habitat of a butterfly. A personal terrace is available in every room for great views and special entertainment is available for children.

Belmond La Residencia – Mallorca

The Belmond was at one point owned by Richard Branson. Now, it is an exclusive hotel that can only accommodate guests in 67 rooms, all individually designed. You can experience suites and a special deluxe villa. Numerous fine dining options are available, together with Jacuzzi, indoor pool, candlelight, sauna, art galleries, 2 outdoor pools and much more. The multilingual staff is well-trained to suit the needs you have. Beautiful views wait for you and you could end up staying in a room where a celebrity like Princess Diana or Robbie Williams stayed.

Hotel Ritz – Madrid

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Whenever talking about the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, we need to mention Ritz Carlton and you should know there is an incredible hotel from the chain in Madrid. Ritz Madrid is really close to museums and is decorated with the use of a highly-classical theme. There are numerous rich materials and antique-style furniture items added in order to create a highly luxurious feel and look.

Bathrooms boast gold and marble, with numerous amenities filling up your entire room. You can experience a fully-equipped wellness center and have a really tasty breakfast. A stay here means you are completely surrounded by museums, parks and culture.

Hotel El Palauet Living – Barcelona

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El Paulet Living is perfect for both business and pleasure. If you look at the amenities list you will be surprised and it is practically impossible not to find the exact experience you are looking for, be it relaxation or just a stay filled with comfort. All rooms have high-tech amenities and when outside of your room, you can enjoy sauna, hot tub, luxurious lobby and the spa. The city of Barcelona is close and although this Spain hotel is pricey, it is a great experience for those that afford it.

Hotel Cap Rocat – Mallorca

Image source: https://www.abc-mallorca.com/hotel-cap-rocat-cala-blava/

Hotel Cap Rocat overlooks Bay of Palma but you will not think about it when you see all that is available inside the hotel room. This hotel was at one point in time a fortress and is quite secluded. You are guaranteed utmost relaxation and peace, all while being away from the city. History surrounds you and when you want to go out, you can enjoy a full day of shopping, playtime and exploration. Hotel Cap Rocat is definitely one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels you can stay at in Spain.

Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia – Maspalomas

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Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia is definitely a highly expensive hotel that takes luxury to a brand new level. We are talking about a 5-star hotel located in a palm grove that is 1000 years old. Only 94 rooms are available but every single one of them includes perfect Spanish Colonial décor. You can expect Moorish style from bathrooms and teak furniture in all rooms. Everything is private, with views that can only be described as breathtaking. Some of the amenities that can be mentioned include full fitness gym, fine cuisine dining, spa and more. You will surely also love the staff.

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