The Best Restaurants In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

There are so many different and interesting restaurants in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. You most likely already know about some of the best that you can go to. We wanted to offer something different so we decided to present the best restaurant while taking into account the specialties that are offered. With this in mind, we cover different cuisines so you can enjoy exactly what you like and go to the best possible restaurants that serve the specific cuisine.

Antiquarius – Portuguese

Here you can taste great fine dishes like Bacalhau a Lagareiro (a codfish recipe) and experience many different Portuguese dishes. You will love the ambiance that is offered to you and the antique furniture that practically gives the restaurant its name. The only problem is that the restaurant is expensive.

Gero – Italian

Gero is a restaurant that is a part of the Fasano Group, which is a really well known Brazil household name as it has many upscale restaurants. There are even some hotels included in the group. The Rio De Janeiro based Gero follows the exact same original restaurant style, which can be found in Sao Paulo. Make sure to taste the fresh-made pasta as it is great.

Olympe – French

Olympe is located right next to the Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden. It is home to a really good chef that is renowned around the world. With this in mind, it is obvious that you will need to pay more for the dishes than in other locations. However, you will particularly appreciate the fact that Olympe manages to combine the Brazilian culinary traditions with the French cuisine.

Aprazivel – Brazilian

As you can imagine, the food here is cheaper and there is a huge competition for the top Brazilian restaurant in Rio De Janeiro. We need to consider Prazivel as being the best. It is located in Santa Teresa, which is a hilly, charming neighborhood.

Le Pre Catelan – French

This is another really great French restaurant that you have to consider in Rio De Janeiro if you are faced with a desire to try this cuisine. It is a well known destination for so many tourists with a chef that is a lot better than you may believe.

Celeiro – Buffet

Sometimes you want to go to a place that is cheap. Celeiro is one of the options that you have to take into account. You will find the restaurant in Leblon. It features a very interesting buffet system. In Brazilian the system is referred to under the name “kilo restaurant” or “restaurant por quilo”. Every single plate will be weight. You pay just for what you will consume. Various organic choices are available, together with various light dishes.

Every single one of these restaurants in Rio De Janeiro is a great stop. Consider them all and try to go for one every day that you stay in the city. We are sure that you will appreciate absolutely everything that is offered. So many dishes are available and you will be happy to hear that you do not have to spend a fortune for your meals, especially in the buffet system.

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