Bangkok Nightlife – What Should You Know?

If you are thinking about visiting Bangkok and you want to enjoy the nightlife there, you should be aware of the fact that there is an element of rowdiness present. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it did show a clear drop in crime rate, thus bringing in even more tourists than in the past. On the whole, Bangkok has an incredibly thriving nightlife that is appreciated by all people that visit.

Bangkok Nightife Overview

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The most obvious mention of Bankok nightlife in popular culture is present in the hit song One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head. Everything in the video showcases many wild elements that are present in Thailand’s capital from the red-light district to the reclining Buddha. There are various massage parlors present and the Eden Club is really well known all around the world as it offers “professional sexual services”. However, a visit there as a male customer entitles that you take 2 ladies with you.

One thing you should be aware of is that, at the moment, Bangkok is seen as one of the really relaxed and safe cities of the world. The nightlife includes everything that you would need from well-known and respected restaurants to jazz clubs. Bangkok did have a really bad reputation in the past but this did change. Now you have pink taxi cabs that can cater to the needs of all residents and tourists. Unescorted women do not have any problems and every single girl will show its rules at the entrance so you do not have a problem.

Bangkok Nightlife

Remember the fact that Bangkok cabaret shows do feature performers that are transgendered. Also, drug violations are handed different penalties. They are much more severe than in other countries and there is a huge attack against those that rape.

If you want to buy a domestic beer in the capital of Thailand, you should be ready to pay up to $2.9 and the imported beer can go as high as $5. Taxi service prices cost around $0.15 per kilometer. Alcoholic beverages are basically cheaper than in Europe and North America so most customers are local students that attend universities. The local crowds will usually gather in Lamsalee sub-district. The tourists will most likely choose to go to Si Lom since there are many nightclubs and a younger adult crowd.

Cabaret Shows

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Thailand is known for the racy nightlife entertainment offered and the cabaret scene is thriving. All the night tourists will check out the venues that offer such shows since the events are filled with dance, music and laughs. You will notice that ladyboys stand out as the main attraction in the area. The top shows that have to be considered include The Playhouse Theater, Simon Phuket and Calypso Cabaret.

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