6 Beautiful Cities in Arizona

Arizona is more than just valleys, forests, desserts, mountains and ghost towns.  While it may seem dull to many, it actually has a lot to offer.  The following is a list of some of the most beautiful cities in Arizona and prepare yourself to be amazed at what each city can potentially offer you.



Phoenix is a city which can hardly be missed when you are traveling to Arizona since it is located at the middle of this state. Phoenix is a huge urban area filled with beautiful spots for resorts ideal for tourists and anybody seeking for a perfect place to spend their vacation. Here you will find art galleries, and designer fashion stores. You can also find in Phoenix the best Desert Botanical Garden. Deemed a safe city, there are hundreds of things to do here.


Phoenix, Arizona
By Alan Stark under CC BY-SA 2.0



If you find yourself becoming too overwhelmed with what Phoenix has to offer, check out Tucson. This city is a bit laid-back yet very friendly to visitors. You can visit this place if you want to have an adventure and go hiking in Mt. Lemmon Mountains. If you would like to go out for window shopping, try University and Downtown districts. This state is also home to the famous University of Arizona where awesome science and planetarium centers can be found.


By Bill Morrow under CC BY 2.0



This city is unique in so many ways. In fact, this city is touted as the center for mystical healing. This place is believed to have the vortexes of energy gathered together which makes it the favorite place of those who are in for great surprises about crystals and psychics. Of course, Sedona also has a lot to offer if you are looking for outdoor thrills and adventures.  The red rock canyons should be your destination if you want to go for horseback riding.


Sedona, Arizona, USA
By davidd under CC BY 2.0



This is where you can find large farms designed for tourists to visit. You can even visit the place, pick some fruits and drink a glass of fresh apple cider. This small town becomes too busy during Halloween where people rush to this place to witness numerous pumpkin patches. But, this place is open to all tourists and visitors any time all year round.


Willcox, Arizona
By Ken Lund under CC BY-SA 2.0



Visiting Bisbee will somehow give you an idea just how important mining is for Arizona. Although you can see plenty of deserted mines in several areas of the state but it is only in Bisbee where mines are being set up for tourists who wanted to get inside those old copper mines. You will also be awed at the beauty of those homes built on top of the hills which have stunning architectural designs.


Bisbee, Arizona
By Alan Stark under CC BY-SA 2.0



If you want to get a perfect panoramic view of Arizona, then you should visit Jerome. Jerome is a small place being built on mountains. But, tourists can also have the opportunity to visit their galleries and shops. Many people describe Jerome as a very neat place compared to any other areas of Arizona.

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