Nightlife In Sao Paulo, Brazil And Places To Have Fun At Night

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a really large city, one of the largest in the world. It is a very important business center and you can have quite a lot of fun at night. You have options every single day of the week in every part of the city. Make sure that you consider these districts if you want to have fun at night: Vila Olimpia, Moema, Itaim, Vila Madalena, Baixo Augusta, Consolacao, Tatuape, Vila Mariana, Santana and Bela Vista.

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What You Have To Know About Nightlife In Sao Paulo, Brazil

You should know that nightlife in Sao Paula always starts late. In most cases people go to club after midnight. Traffic jams are really common late at night in various parts of the city. The foreigners are really well received in the entire country but not everyone speaks English. It is helpful to know some Portuguese words. Make sure that you do some research about the clubs since many do not allow you in with jeans or sneakers.

In many Sao Paulo bars you will be offered a card when you enter and there is a minimum requirement for consumption. When you go home you make the payment. Also, it is not allowed for you to smoke in public facilities. Remember the fact that alcohol consumption is moderate so it is rude to drink too much.

On the whole, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is seen as a city that is quite relaxed. People love talking, are usually informal and love to party or joke around. As long as you use good manners, you will be well received. It is a really good possibility you will have a great time here and we all know that Brazilians do know how to party.

Some Recommended Places:

  • D-Edge – electronic club with rooftop deck, dance floor and lounge.
  • The Week – a dance club with 2 dance floors, an outdoor section and a pool.
  • Boteco Sao Paulo – a traditional pub that has Sao Paulo typical decoration, a wonderful place for happy hours with frequent samba shows.
  • Barao Da Itarare – retro architecture and decorations, a bar that has the best cosmopolitans and dry martinis in town. Mixed clientele.
  • Hot Hot – a 2 floors club with a really contemporary design.
  • Paribar – a historic locations were intellectuals, writers and politicians get together for chatting and drinking.
  • Lions Club – a luxurious lounge that is inspired by New York’s Studio 54.

Many other options are available and these are just some great nightlife places in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Have fun the Brazilian way!

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