Brussels Beer Tasting Tours – A Paradise For Beer Lovers

Beer is so much more than just a beverage in Belgium. It is practically a culture. We are talking about over 450 different beers that can be tasted. Belgians take beer really seriously and that is for good reason: specialty beers have appeared in the area since the Middle Ages. Belgian beer is recognized for its flavor, character and variety.

As you can imagine, there are so many things that we can say about Brussels Beer tasting tours. They are practically available with any agency that organizes local tours. It will not be a problem to find some that you will love. However, a little knowledge will help you out a lot on the long run.

Brussels Beer Breakdown

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We have almost as many breweries in Belgium as beer styles available. The choice is definitely difficult to make. You will have something that is perfect for your tastes. However, the following options are some that are warmly recommended as beers you have to try once on a Brussels Beer Tour.

  • White Beers

The beers are cloudy, light and have hints of citrus, normally referred to as wheat beer.

  • Gueuze

A minimum of two Lambic beers will be used to create secondary fermentation and a sparkle that is Champagne like.

  • Lambic

This is a naturally fermented beer by airborne, wild yeast, it is non-malted and is specific to the area surrounding Brussels.

  • Kriek

Another Lambic beer that has more fermentation added with the use of raspberries and cherries, perfect for summers.

  • Faro

We could say that Faro is Lambic light, a sweet version that has around the same flavor but a lesser intensity.

  • Colored Beers

We have brown beers that have a caramel like sweetness and sourness, red beers that are made out of red barley and aged in oak and golden beers that are similar to the Pilsner lagers.

Breweries And Beer Museums In Brussels

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  • Brewers’ House – the headquarters of the world renowned Belgian Brewers Association
  • Brasserie Friart – the producer of St. Feuillien beer, 30 miles away from Brussels in Roeulx.
  • Brussels Gueuze Museum And Cantillon Brewery – you have access to traditional Belgian beer brewing techniques and can taste the Gueuze-Lambic.
  • La Brasserie Lefevre – well known in the country for producing Abbey de Floreffe beer.
  • La Binchoise Brewery & Museum – visit to experience the brewing process and the alchemy behind beer manufacturing. You need to make a reservation.
  • Brewers Of The Market – The Les Brasseurs de la Grand Place pub is one where you have to experience brewed beers and enjoy traditional Belgian dishes.

Recommended Brussels Beer Tours

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Although there are many that we can mention, let us just talk about some that are highly popular among tourists. We have to start with Beer Trips as it offers various tour opportunities. We have to recommend the following:

  • Farmhouse Ales of Belgium and France – 10 days and 9 months of accommodations, taking you to various cities, breweries and villages. The tour includes Tournai, Bouillon and Brussels.
  • The Great Beers Of Belgium – 11 days and 10 nights, taking you to so many villages and cities. The tour takes you to Bouillon, Orval Abbey, Chimay, Brussels, Rochefort and others.

You have to also think about being a part of the Belgian Beer Tour by G Adventures, an 8 days experience that takes you to 6 huge Belgian trappists and Brussels.

If you are interested in a scenic adventure, the Beer Tours From Dinant by Scenic Tours is just 1 day and starts close to Brussels, taking you to various breweries.

Last but not least, consider the Beer Tour by Zephyr Adventures, a 7 days experience taking you to 6 villages and cities including Bouillon, Brussels and Dinant. Around 12 breweries, beer museums and abbeys are to be visited.

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