Belo Horizonte, Brazil Travel Guide – What To Know Before Traveling!

Belo Horizonte is the sixth largest city in Brazil, featuring a really large urban area. It is a great metropolis for those that want to visit and a really interesting destination for those tourists that love shopping. There are many things to see and many activities that you can indulge yourself in while visiting. That is what we will talk about and will also offer some tips that you have to remember before you travel.

belo horizonte

What to see in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Pampulha – This 1940s neighborhood is great from an architecture point of view. In the area you will need to visit Sao Francisco de Assis Church. You will also be able to visit Parque Guanbara, a small amusement park that is great for tourists.
  • Praca Da Liberdade – This is a square that is beautiful, surrounded by palm trees, all sidelined by buildings from the nineteenth century. This also includes the State Government’s historic seat.
  • Mangabeiras Park – A great place for those that love nature. This is where you want to go with your family and children.
  • Museum Of Arts And Crafts – Open every single day, the museum is located in a building that used to be the Central Train Station. Brazilian work is showcased, all from before the industrialization of the country.
  • Alta Vila Tower – Here you can see a really spectacular view of the Belo Horizonte, together with all the surrounding mountains.
  • Museu Historico Abilio Barreto – The museum is dedicated to the city’s history.

Where To Shop

  • Shopping Del Rey
  • BH Shopping
  • Diamond Mall
  • Minas Shopping
  • Mercado Central
  • Patio Savassi

Staying Safe

Be careful when you cross the street since there are many motorcycles and they can appear from nowhere. There are some intersections that will allow crossing only on one side.

The city shows military police and Brazilian Military. We also have civilian police. The only problem is that most of the police officers do not know English. You can notice the military police with ease because of the brown uniform. Municipal Guard uniform is blue.

When traveling through the city, use common sense. Do not travel with expensive electronics in plain sight. You can be mugged and you need to be discreet at all times.

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