Luxury Hotels in Montpellier

No matter why you’re visiting Montpellier, luxury hotels provide plenty of amenities and lodging. Here are a few reasons why staying at one is worthwhile:

These hotels boast everything from gourmet restaurants to refreshing swimming pools – everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable stay in Montpellier!

Exceptional Service

Staying at a luxury hotel can add an elegant touch to your travels, whether for work or pleasure. Such hotels typically feature amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi access, spa services and restaurants; many also provide breakfast for an unforgettable start to each day!

Staying at a luxury hotel provides guests with exceptional service from its staff. This can include concierge, valet parking and room service services – depending on the hotel, some may even allow guests to book an in-room massage! With these benefits in mind, staying in a luxury hotel makes for a fantastic way to experience Montpellier fully.

At luxury hotels, they go beyond providing top-of-the-line service by also offering spectacular views. Some of the finest properties boast breathtaking vistas of nearby beaches, vineyards or hills that can help you unwind during your stay. In addition, some include private swimming pools where guests can refresh while taking in stunning surroundings.

Staying at a luxury hotel offers another advantage – they often provide discounted rates that can save hundreds of euros during your trip and help make experiencing all that Montpellier has to offer much easier.

While some luxury hotels may have a reputation for being overpriced, others have received praise from customers due to their affordable rates and outstanding services. One such hotel is Domaine de Verchant Relais & Chateaux which was constructed as a mansion but boasts state-of-the-art facilities and offers the ideal balance between luxury and affordability. Guests have commented that they find this property particularly accommodating.

Luxury hotels feature rooms designed to be distinctive and beautiful, featuring themes like nature, art, or history. Colors and decorations of rooms reflect different times of day; for instance, reflecting warmth from sunny morning skies or coppery midnight blue of setting suns. Furthermore, rooms at these luxury hotels are comfortable, spacious and feature modern amenities.

Many luxury hotels feature restaurants and bars to keep guests satisfied during their stay, and some also include fitness centers for added health during travel.

Stunning Views

Luxury hotels in Montpellier often provide breathtaking views of nearby beaches, vineyards and hills – the perfect way to unwind during your stay! Enjoy relaxing by the pool or having spa treatment; either way the captivating views at your hotel will ensure it will remain an experience you won’t soon forget.

Luxury hotels in Montpellier provide breathtaking views, but also boast many other amenities to make your stay even more pleasurable – from gourmet restaurants and swimming pools to soothing spas, these amenities can add fun and excitement – as well as saving money by providing services you would have to pay for otherwise.

No matter the kind of vacation or adventure you seek, Montpellier has something to offer everyone. With beautiful historic buildings and world-class attractions aplenty – not to mention accommodations to fit every taste and budget – Montpellier makes an excellent destination.

Start exploring Montpellier right from the beginning by staying in one of Montpellier’s luxurious hotels, from historic castles to modern amenities – there’s everything here you need for an ideal getaway! Book with IHG now for access to an outstanding selection of properties – we can’t wait to meet you soon!

Exciting Cultural Exploration

No matter your interests – history, art or travel – Montpellier will captivate all your senses. Just two hours drive away from Paris, Montpellier is a cultural mecca with an eclectic population that contributes to its vibrant cultural life. From beautiful medieval architecture to delicious cuisine, Montpellier should not be missed as a travel destination!

Luxury hotels in Montpellier provide unparalleled comfort and convenience, making it easy to explore everything this fascinating region has to offer. When selecting your stay property consider those such as Domaine de Verchant Relais & Chateaux offering an impressive spa, beautifully appointed rooms, delicious gourmet meals, terrace seating area with restaurant service, state-of-the-art facilities such as Hotel Richer De Belleval (with terrace, restaurant seating area and state-of-the-art facilities) among many others.

Visitors will discover much to keep them occupied in l’Ecusson, an idyllic historic district comprising narrow streets and medieval buildings revealing an eclectic blend of architectural styles and influences. Don’t miss the Fabre Museum with its incredible European masterpiece collection from famous French artists like Courbet and Delacroix; alternatively check out Opera Comedie theater’s calendar of events for live performance opportunities.

Other must-sees of Montpellier include Cathedrale Saint-Pierre and Europe’s oldest medical school. No trip would be complete without exploring Place de la Canourgue – one of Montpellier’s most picturesque districts with old mansions and charming shops lining its streets.

Montpellier’s vibrant culinary scene is a joy to discover, thanks to its long history as an immigrant-friendly destination. There is something delicious around every corner in Montpellier’s restaurants from around the globe and traditional Languedoc fare, like seafood such as stuffed squid and mussels or even local specialities like Tielle (an octopus and tomato pie) are available to try; not to mention cassoulet: an incredible stew with white beans, pork or mutton that slowly cooks until tender perfection!

Arriving in Montpellier is easy thanks to its modern and efficient transportation network, with Saint Roch Train Station serving as its hub and providing regional TER and long-distance TGV services to destinations throughout Europe. Or for those preferring the air, Montpellier-Mediterranee Airport provides direct connections with 12 domestic and international destinations.


Luxury hotels in Montpellier provide amenities that go above and beyond basic expectations, from high-quality service and comfortable accommodations, to stunning views of their surroundings and access to unique cultural events. Staying at one of these exceptional establishments will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Montpellier offers travelers all of the charm and amenities associated with a Mediterranean seaside resort city, making it a city with something for everyone – be it exploring its vibrant downtown district or relaxing in its charming historic neighborhoods. Enjoy lively culture scenes, exciting shopping opportunities, and access to stunning blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea – making Montpellier an ideal vacation spot.

Montpellier is one of the more affordable cities in France, making it easy to find an inexpensive hotel that fits within your budget. Thanks to Hotwire’s Lowest Price Guarantee, you can be assured of getting the best possible deal – saving even more with Avis and Alamo car rental partners as partners of Hotwire!

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For travelers traveling with larger groups, Montpellier offers numerous family-friendly hotels that offer spacious rooms suited to accommodating family groups of any size. Furthermore, these accommodations typically feature amenities tailored specifically for children such as child-friendly dining options and playgrounds.

If you are traveling alone or with a smaller group, Montpellier has many budget hotels that are suitable for couples and solo travelers alike. These accommodations typically provide an intimate setting perfect for relaxation and unwinding; some even feature amenities perfect for romantic getaways!

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