Best Area to Stay in Turkey

Your ideal location in Turkey depends on both your travel style and budget, so this guide can help you identify neighbourhoods which suit both.

At Istiklal’s heartbeat lies this cozy hostel offering unbeatably affordable rates. Plus, its prime location among shops and cafes makes for an amazing stay.


Sultanahmet is one of the premier locations to stay in Turkey as it boasts some of the city’s most spectacular landmarks, making it an historical center and present-day UNESCO Heritage Site. Here you will find stunning architectural marvels such as Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia as well as Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern – not forgetting Topkapi Palace with its amazing gardens!

Sultanahmet’s streets are like an open-air museum, filled with magnificent old buildings and cobbled roads. Additionally, this charming historical district hosts some of Istanbul’s best restaurants and cafes, making it perfect for families traveling together to Turkey. Don’t miss it if you plan to travel!

Sultanahmet can easily be reached from other areas of Istanbul via public transport – a tram and metro line run directly through it, while busses stop only five minutes away. Furthermore, ferries departing for Karakoy, Eminonu and Kabatas provide another convenient method of getting around.

Hotel Les Ottomans offers luxurious accommodations in the center of Istanbul and features luxurious rooms as well as an inviting pool terrace, providing guests with an ideal setting for their Turkey vacation. Furthermore, their staff are highly friendly and helpful – making this hotel an excellent choice!

The nearby Grand Bazaar is an enthralling maze of shops selling everything from replica designer jeans to Turkish rugs, with delicious local snacks like pul biber (dried red pepper flakes) and nar eksisi (pomegranate molasses) available as snacks for purchase. There’s much to see and do in Sultanahmet; take your time exploring it all!


Kadikoy on Istanbul’s Asian side has gained tremendously in popularity over recent years, thanks to its thriving and authentic neighbourhood and outstanding transport links to other areas of the city.

There is evidence of its history all throughout this multiethnic melting pot; the streets are lined with Greek, Armenian and Kurtulus churches, synagogues, mosques and more – along with plenty of restaurants and cafes offering diverse cuisines.

Athens is also an ideal place for budget travelers, offering plenty of cheap hotels and hostels with excellent services at great rates for students.

Kadikoy boasts excellent transport links that make reaching the European side of town simple and quick. Both tram and metro services are within walking distance, making Galata, Taksim and Istiklal Street easily reachable via tram or metro, respectively. Bus services take around 20 minutes to get you from Kadikoy to Besiktas/Cihangir; Karakoy can easily be accessed as well as Dolmabahce Palace from Besiktas/Besiktas/Besiktas/Besiktas/Karkoy/Besiktas/Istiklal Street/Besiktas/Istiklal Street etc.

Kadikoy may not offer much in terms of luxury accommodation, but there are still a few places that stand out above others. Moja City Hotel stands out thanks to its prime location close to buses and ferry docks; guests have described its atmosphere as cozy while its owner has proven very friendly and responsive in responding to any enquiries from guests. Among their features include free WiFi, flat-screen TVs and air conditioning – making for an enjoyable stay!

Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque in Istanbul is one of the city’s premier Islamic destinations, boasting immense religious value and housing the tombs of Sultan Mehmet II, the Conqueror. Renowned for its stunning beauty and distinctive structure – its white marble exterior features crescent moon-shaped doors – this mosque can also be found close to other intriguing landmarks such as Fethiye Museum, Chora Museum, Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque and Valens Aqueduct.

Though less well-known than other parts of the city, this neighbourhood has much to offer. It boasts a vibrant community with an assortment of residents. Hotels range from luxury to budget options while streets are lined with fashion boutiques, shopping malls and restaurants – not to mention parks which make this an excellent way for locals to relax and unwind.

Buyuk Camlica Hill provides breathtaking views of both Istanbul and Bosphorus from its peak location, making it a favorite spot for local picnickers as well as hosting the Istanbul Tulip Festival each spring. Additionally, notable landmarks in this district include Sakirin Mosque designed by women as the first female mosque architect; Marmara Ilahiyat Mosque features striking geometric architecture; and many others.

Faith is an ideal destination for visitors looking to experience authentic Turkish life in Istanbul. With less tourists than other areas, Faith offers the ideal spot to escape the crowds while taking advantage of its rich history which boasts several notable mosques and markets.


Istanbul’s historic center is rich with ancient relics, from Roman catacombs to Byzantine battlements and Ottoman palaces (such as Hagia Sophia). Be sure to visit Dolmabahce Palace where 14 tons of gold were used on its ceiling; for a shopping spree head into Grand Bazaar where shops sell teff, halva, Turkish delights and abrahami bread!

Faith area accommodation varies between stylish luxury and boutique hotels as well as mid-range options, and breakfast cafes like Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti offering delicious gozleme and other delicious breakfast items until they’re gone! Don’t miss Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti; their delicious gozleme may keep coming right up until your heart’s content!


Sirkeci, located just north of Istanbul city centre, lies along a convenient metro line and within walking distance to many major attractions like Sultanahmet. Ferries, buses, and trains run throughout the Bosphorus Strait to connect it with other parts of Istanbul; making Sirkeci an easy choice for travellers on a budget as hotels in Sirkeci tend to offer very reasonable accommodation options.

This vibrant neighbourhood boasts an eclectic mix of Muslim, Jewish, Armenian, and Greek Orthodox culture – you’ll find evidence of each all around. Additionally, there are several cool museums and cultural centres like Babylon (a leading live music venue), Ara Guler Museum which showcases work by Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Guler as well as numerous others to visit such as Babylon (leading live music venue in the city) or Ara Guler Gallery featuring work by famed Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Guler himself.

Sirkeci offers many restaurants and cafes, especially around its train station, that are popular among Khaleejis, Yemenis, Arabs and Arab Khaleejis who come here for types of Yemeni and Gulf food such as mandi, madhbi, madfoun haneeth and kabsa. Additionally there are carpet shops located here as well as Galata Bridge which boasts thirty or more balik-ekmek (fish sandwiches) stands.

Staying in Sirkeci is an excellent idea, as you will be located within close proximity to many of Istanbul’s top attractions like the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. Additionally, Gulhane Park – an expansive park featuring children’s play equipment and tea gardens overlooking the Bosphorus – can offer relaxation after sightseeing activities.

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