The Best Restaurants in Montpellier

Montpellier, located less than two hours outside Paris, has become an unexpected culinary epicenter. A Mediterranean port city, Montpellier has been making waves in terms of fine dining.

Le Petit Jardin restaurant is located at the heart of Old Town with an exquisite view of the 14th century cathedral and serves contemporary menu items featuring fresh local ingredients.

Le Cinq

Le Cinq restaurant has earned itself one Michelin star to provide guests with an exquisite dining experience. Here, chefs combine gourmet fare, elegant atmosphere, and exceptional service for an unforgettable dining experience.

Le Cinq offers both classic and modern dishes on its menu, so there’s sure to be something here that appeals to every diner. Whether you prefer hearty French stew or are craving Thai classics reminiscent of tradition Thai cuisine – Le Cinq offers something delicious for everyone.

Restaurant La Petite Auberge de Montpellier is an essential stop for fine dining enthusiasts in Montpellier’s historic center, boasting natural lighting and wooden furnishings that create an inviting ambiance. Their food is prepared from only freshest ingredients with an emphasis on taste and flavor!

Though many may view it as simply another fancy eatery, this restaurant provides a memorable dining experience. With a blend of cuisines and cultures sure to tempt any guest’s palettes – offering pasta dishes, steak dishes and fish options as well as dessert bar!

Le Fils A Maman (meaning Mom’s Sons) is a family-owned restaurant offering authentic French cuisine. Their chefs use family recipes passed down from generation to generation and use local farm-to-table ingredients whenever possible to guarantee maximum freshness of their dishes – perfect for romantic evenings with loved ones!

At this restaurant, the combination of French and Caribbean cuisine, beautiful decor and long wooden benches creates an exceptional dining experience for guests. Ornate decorations from South America make this popular dining spot, which requires reservations.

Le Petit Jardin

Le Petit Jardin is an exquisite garden restaurant in Montpellier’s city center near its cathedral, popular among both residents and tourists. Perfect for business meetings and weddings alike, Le Petit Jardin also features an excellent menu with impeccable service; making this an excellent option for anyone seeking an authentic French dining experience.

With its cozy interior and ample natural lighting, this traditional fine-dining restaurant provides an intimate environment. Offering dishes to please all palates and budgets – such as seafood (bouillabaisse or gambas) or meat courses such as filet de boeuf, carre d’agneau or lamb chops) with salad or vegetable side dishes and dessert options such as trompe l’oeil lemon and fleur de sel sable biscuit – they provide something delicious for everyone to try at this charming establishment!

The cafe at this restaurant provides the ideal setting for breakfast or lunch, featuring delectable offerings like muffins, buttered toast, fruit cups and crepes as well as quiche and onion soup. Furthermore, salads created especially for this venue feature fresh vegetables topped with delicious flavors for an unforgettable dining experience – not to mention refreshing beverages such as smoothies.

Le Petit Jardin Restaurant of Montpellier provides an affordable set menu for lunch and dinner featuring both international and local cuisine. Renowned for its beautiful garden setting and exotic ambience, Le Petit Jardin also provides an extensive wine selection – such as Languedoc wine.

Establish in 1920, this restaurant stands as an icon of Montpellier heritage and culture. Housed within a typical Montpellier house with an exotic garden as the focal point, its interior boasts dark woods and vaulted ceiling. Furthermore, there is also a spacious terrace and bar within its premises.

Excellent food in an inviting setting at affordable prices will have you coming back again and again for lunch or dinner! Don’t hesitate to make this restaurant part of your dining routine – they won’t disappoint.

Restaurant Leclere

This restaurant stands out as one of the premier dining destinations in Montpellier and serves delicious French and Mediterranean fare with impeccable service. Elegant decor includes luxurious seating areas and beautiful decorations; there’s also an impressive wine list and cocktails and absinthe offerings for guests to try; fresh ingredients come together perfectly; staff are helpful with accommodating dietary restrictions too!

This restaurant takes pride in reimagining classic French favorites. Situated in the Gambetta neighborhood and with modern, contemporary decor. Natural lighting fills its spacious interior while wooden tables add rustic charm. Plus there’s a fantastic wine list and plenty of vegetarian-friendly choices available too.

Menu offers a mix of French and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients, making this restaurant perfect for anyone who appreciates dining out in style. It has an inviting ambiance which makes it suitable for romantic dinner dates as well as groups of friends. Furthermore, staff is very welcoming and prices are very affordable.

At its heart, Montpellier boasts this restaurant which is famed for its delicious dishes and romantic ambience. It features an open kitchen so guests can watch as their meals are being prepared by talented chefs; guests often rave about rolled courgette flowers a la Colonnata and crunchy butternut nuggets among many other popular items on their menu.

This restaurant features an assortment of vegetarian dishes and is an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions. Their staff are extremely accommodating when it comes to accommodating special dietary requests and are happy to make recommendations based on personal taste or serve wine or cocktails that will enhance their meal.

At this restaurant, the chef uses local ingredients to craft elegant meals. Their vegetables are prepared perfectly while their seafood is always fresh – a must try for anyone wanting to experience French cuisine! Their staff is extremely professional and the price point makes this an affordable dining option.


L’Entrecote is a French restaurant famous for its steak and fries. Open daily and offering an exceptional menu in an informal environment, this eatery provides fresh food at reasonable prices with wine pairings available as well as dessert selections to make for a delightful dining experience. Their friendly staff can assist in making reservations for this venue as well!

If you’re searching for an amazing meal in Montpellier, L’Entrecote should be on your radar. This tucked-away gem boasts some of the finest steak in town served with an irresistibly tempting secret sauce and unlimited fries, making this an irresistibly indulgent feast that any foodie must experience!

This restaurant is very popular and often has a waiting list; to secure a table you can reserve one ahead of time by visiting their website. Their waiters are extremely attentive, creating a warm and welcoming environment; plus the staff is well versed on wine selection to recommend a suitable pairing with any meal you order!

At Montpellier Restaurant in the center of town, they’re famous for their amazing steak and fries! Established since 1959 by family ownership, this family-run establishment is one of the city’s most beloved eateries – serving salads, cheese, wine and much more besides. Come visit this popular spot to sample French cuisine at its best!

Although its name may be misleading and nonsensical, the restaurant remains popular due to its unique concept. “Entrecote” refers to a cut of beef used traditionally in French steak frites dishes; its founder decided on this name in order to entice American tourists unfamiliar with French cuisine into visiting his establishment.

Atmosphere of this restaurant has long been one of its hallmarks and signature features; paper tablecloths, minimal ceremony and small wine glasses have become hallmarks of its charm. Paul Gineste de Saurs founded its flagship location in Geneva’s Seventeenth Arrondissement on a concept inspired by Cafe de Paris; hence this sense of authenticity pervades throughout every aspect of its operations.

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