Wonderfully Beautiful Scenic Routes In Wisconsin

In case you are not aware of this, the US Congress created the really interesting National Scenic Byways Program, which highlights the most beautiful scenic routes in the country. The program is administered by the FHWA since 1991. The scenic routes that are recommended by a state can then be included in the National list. Nationally designated routes will be marked for international and national travelers.

State And National Scenic Routes

The one scenic route in Wisconsin that is both national and state recognized is the Great River Road National Scenic Byway. It is part of a really long multi-state route that starts in Minnesota, follows the Mississippi River and covers 10 states till New Orleans.

State Scenic Routes

You can consider 3 that are really great:

  • Wisconsin Lake’s Superior Scenic Route

This is definitely the most scenic of all byways in Wisconsin. It is 70 miles long and is a must visit for anyone looking for a great experience.

  • Lower Wisconsin River Road

This is one road that is 100 miles long along WIS 60. It follows the Wisconsin River. It also meets the Great River Road National Byway at Prairie Du Chien.

  • Door County Coastal Route

This scenic route starts in Door County and goes north along WIS 42 towards Northport.

US Forest Service Designated Scenic Routes

The USFS also has a scenic route designation system for roads that pass through the lands that separate the FHWA program. Two routes are designated in Wisconsin:

  • The 15 mile long Heritage Drive Scenic Route
  • The 29 mile long Great Divide Scenic Route

When you consider the different routes that are available in Wisconsin, it is really easy to feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many options in the state and you will definitely love what is offered since all the routes are very scenic. They will give you access to views that are unique in the state, some even around the country.

If you want to, you can plan a trip that takes you to all scenic routes. You can easily do that and take various other routes while enjoying other interesting travel attractions. You will love Wisconsin.

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