India Invites you to Spend an Exceptional Vacation

India is a land with different fragrances of culture and heritage. Large landscapes, including desserts, rivers, mountains, plateaus, seashores, etc. are the distinctive physical characteristics of this country. With the second highest position in terms of population numbers, this country has a wide variety of regional textures, linguistic differences, artistic flavors and a lot more to offer in an Indian vacation.

Reasons to spend your next vacation in India

India has its beauty lying in the historical monuments carrying the ethnicity and avid charm of the cultural heritage, which consists of its traditions and customs. Nonetheless, it has paced up with the new-age developments in an efficient way, so as to make the Indian state a desirable place for tourists from world over. The dignifying class and compassion of Indians reflects in their hospitality and respect for foreigners who visit India.

An exquisite royal Indian wedding is another attraction that will bequeath you captivated with the heartwarming traditions and rituals. The bride and bridegroom are adorned from top to toe with ornaments and colorful clothes. The bridegroom riding on a horse or an elephant with his family takes a wedding procession to bride’s home and many different rituals are performed along with traditional folk songs and dances. The bride’s family lavishly welcomes them and makes arrangements for their meals and the wedding ceremony.

If you are fond of playing polo, you’ll get amazing opportunity to play elephant polo in Rajasthan, a state in India. A tour to Rajasthan also presents you with a chance to go for a wonderful camel safari. The stuffed shopping sprees in Jaipur, Rajasthan bring you to an enchanting brio of traditional pieces of art and craft, assorting the colorful jewelry, and sequined, printed and embroidered apparels.


Vidhan Sabha India
By Amcanada (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In India, every month and every season is full of festivities. There are hundreds of festivals celebrated in different parts of the country that people enjoy wholeheartedly. No Indian is untouched with the vigor and whiff of festivals that make them transcend their worries and celebrate their lives with a lot of fun and feel of their ethnic traces. There are regional as well as national festivals, like Diwali, Holi, Dusshehra, Navratri, and many more.

There are many more appeals of India beckoning you to pay a visit to this land of wonders. There are different forms of art, dance, music, foods, literature, and different natural attractions that are spread across the country and let you live every bit of India. Despite all the differences, India is one, which makes the phrase “unity in diversity” prudent for this peninsular land of Indian sub-continent.


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Exclusive vacations are one of the best tours and travel operators of this country, who provide exclusive tour packages to domestic as well as international tourists to make their holiday in India the best-ever experience. There are many wonderful places and lures in India that complete the overall experience of travelling to India.

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