Top Destinations For Adventure Travelers In Australia

When it comes to the top destinations for adventure travelers in Australia there will always be certain places that will appear on most of the lists that are compiled by people from around the world. What follows are some of the key places that you really should not miss out on visiting and the hope is that they will provide you with some inspiration if you are looking at traveling to this amazing country.


To begin with, if you have ever fancied trekking on horseback in some stunning scenery, then it may be worth checking out the Megalong Valley in order to see the amazing Blue Mountains. By going here, you will be able to take advantage of 2000 km of paths and if you want to take things even further, then you may wish to spend a week in the area learning how to round up cattle, how to shear sheep, and basically live the life of an old rancher where a traditional way of living still prevails.


The Great Barrier Reef, as seen from a helicopter
The Great Barrier Reef, as seen from a helicopter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, if this does not appeal to you due to a lack of adrenaline, then the East Coast of Australia is the place to be, which means New South Wales and Queensland, as you can easily spend 8 days doing a whole host of activities that really will get that adrenaline pumping. If you do plan on going on this kind of tour, then you can end up doing a bungee jump in Cairns, a skydive in the same city, diving and snorkeling on the Whitsunday Islands or the Great Barrier Reef, white water rafting on the Tully River and a whole lot more in the area.


These destinations do not really help people that love hiking, so if the idea of hitting the great outdoors on foot does appeal to you, then perhaps a visit to an area known as the Australian Alps would be best. The main walk here actually means you will set foot in three different states along with four different national parks with it being situated to the south of Canberra. If you wish to trek the main walk, then it can take you over 50 days to do so, but it is essential that you plan ahead to avoid being caught out with the conditions.


Finally, even though it may be difficult to believe considering the climate there, it is possible to go skiing in Australia and if this appeals to you, then Mount Hotham is the place to go. This particular Alpine resort is a real mecca for all winter sports enthusiasts in the country as there are all kinds of runs for the various types of winter sports that people love to participate in, so if you love snowboarding you are in luck, or if you prefer some freestyle skiing you will love it here as well, so get yourself to this mountain in Victoria and get those winter clothes on.


So those are some of the top destinations for adventure travelers in Australia and you can see that there are a wide range of things for you to do no matter what your personal likes or dislikes may be. All that is left for you to do is to work out your travel plans, maybe even rent a car, and try to incorporate as many of the things as possible in order to make sure that you have the time of your life when traveling in Australia.

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