Top 5 Out-Of-The Box Activities To Enjoy In Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands (for those that are not aware) is a group of 74 islands in Queensland, Australia. It is a travel destination that is quickly gaining popularity and a simple glance at the list of different possibilities that are available can highlight why. There are many things that you can do but let us just stick to the top 5 out-of-the box activities as they are usually a lot more fun and often neglected by people. Maybe something is appealing for you.


1.      Take A Catamaran To The Great Barrier Reef


Great Barrier Reef
By MNatividad under CC BY 2.0


The Great Barrier Reef is usually seen as a top destination due to various scuba diving and snorkeling spots but as you are in the area, you might want to try something special. I am talking about taking a catamaran to Reefworld, which is Australia’s largest floating pontoon facility. Here you can even experience a semi-submarine trip or a pretty unique 50 seats underwater life viewing chamber. Spending the night on the pontoon is possible. If you are in the area, make sure that you also visit Knuckle Reef.


2.      Experience A Romantic Whitsunday Sailing Tour


Whitsunday islands
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There are two main reasons why people usually do not consider a sailing tour aboard a smaller boat. The first reason is that there is not much intimacy available and the second is that prices are usually a little higher. If you do not have a problem with meeting people and being “tied” to them for a weekend, when the budget is high enough, you might want to consider such a sailing tour as it can be quite romantic.

You can find such sailing Whitsundays tours on Whitsundays Sailing Adventures and Kiana is most likely the best boat to enjoy a getaway with the one you love. That is because it takes you to Whitehaven Beach, you can go snorkeling, sea kayaking and scuba diving. Most of the available in the Whitsundays include a lot of champagne and local cuisine.

3.      Swim With The Sharks

Different tours include shark feeding and scuba diving adventures that take you really close to these usually misunderstood creatures. If you are afraid, you can just feed some baby sharks in one of the many aquariums in various parts of the Whitsundays but adult shark feeding is the ultimate thrill.

The most common shark you can encounter is the white tip reef shark and there is also a pretty good possibility that you can see a black tip reef sharks. You should be aware of the fact that such sharks are not at all dangerous for humans. Their diet consists mostly in fish and crustaceans. Also, you will have a professional near you at all times to guide you through the experience.


4.      Book A Half-Day Cruise To Whitehaven Beach


Whitsunday beach
By Jeremy Vandel under CC BY 2.0


Whitehaven Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world and it is easily accessible for all people that want to relax on a quite stunning beach that is literally untouched by the actions of man. The best way to enjoy Whitehaven Beach is to go on a half-day cruise that usually starts after lunch. That will leave you enough time to visit other close-by locations like Hamilton Island or Daydream Island. You can even go ocean rafting and various snorkeling locations are very close to Whitehaven. If you are feeling adventurous or are looking for a nomadic experience, you can even go camping here for a weekend instead of a cruise.


5.      Fly Over The Whitsundays


Fligh Over The Whitsundays
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You can easily have a perspective that is stunning when you fly over the Whitsunday Islands. This is particularly true if the trip would take you over the Great Barrier Reef, Hill Inlet, Bait Reef, Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef. If you want more adrenaline, you can go skydiving at Airlie Beach Airport.

We are used to travelling on ground or sail so we usually forget about the fact that we can also fly while on a holiday. While this is the most out-of-the box activity that is recommended, remember that it is also the most expensive.

On the whole, the Whitsunday Islands offer something for every person that might want to visit from those that want to experience the culture of the Ngaro people to those that want to test the limits of their fears.

By Adrian Cruce

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