Things You Should Know Before Travelling To Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia, although Brazil’s capital, is a city that is not well known around the world. We are looking at a planned city that was inaugurated in the year 1960. One thing that you may not know is that the entire city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list because of it being a modernist architecture masterpiece.

We will not talk about the main attractions and what you can see when you get to Brazil’s capital. We will just stay focused on those things that are of interest for you as a traveler so that you can easily get around and get the experience you are looking for.

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The temperatures will rarely hit extremes. The average lows and highs are 17, respectively 18 degrees Celsius. However, during the winter we can reach 1 degree and in the months of September and October, we can go as high as 34 degrees. During the dry season of August to September, the entire landscape changes since the green areas basically disappear. The tourists and locals have to drink a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration. However, the best sunsets are always visible during this really dry season.

Local Tourist Information

If you want tourist information as you get to the city of Brasilia, Brazil, you will need to go to the local Tourist Authority. Information is available in Portuguese and some stands can be seen in the airport.

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How To Reach Brasilia, Brazil

You can get to Brasilia by plane, car or bus. Most people will want to take the air approach. What you may not know is that the capital of Brazil is currently an international and national air travel hub. The number of flights available is quite high. However, it is hard to directly reach the country by air. The flights are mostly domestics and you will surely have to go through the customs and the immigration office while re-boarding if you want to go somewhere else. Even so, there are always non-stop flights that come from Lisbon, Miami, Panama City, Atlanta, Montevideo and Bogota.

Brasilia has a central location so we have a pretty good bus network that will connect to all the major cities in the country. There is a dedicated station for the buses that come from other states. If you reach this station, take bus 131 to reach city centre. When referring to car travelers, it is easy to reach the city since there are many different traffic signs pointing towards Brasilia, no matter where you may be coming from.

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City Safety

You will be happy to hear that Brasilia is quite safe. However, you need to take all usual security measures. Do not go to the surrounding cities of Ceilandia and Taguatinga since they are not so safe. In the city you have to avoid the central bus station area during the night as it is not safe for tourists. The best thing that you can do is never walk alone and you will be safe.

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