The Best Restaurants in Iceland

Iceland is well known for its geothermal spas, but the island nation is increasingly becoming known as a culinary destination. Here are some of the finest eateries across Iceland.

Matarkjallarinn offers modern Icelandic cuisine in an historic 160 year-old building near the center of town. For an unforgettable dining experience, come visit this gem of a restaurant!


Iceland is famously renowned for its stunning landscapes and steaming geysers, but also boasts a flourishing culinary scene. Many restaurants feature modern ambience that draws trendy crowds; others even feature volcanic rocks as decoration! From traditional fish soup to lamb t-bone grilling options – there is something here for every palette.

Grillmarkadurinn (which translates to “grill market”) is one of Iceland’s premier dining experiences, serving an assortment of meats such as whale, puffin and reindeer alongside wine or cocktails. Designed with rustic decor featuring moss covered trees and basalt flooring – owners work closely with local farmers for fresh ingredients!

Reykjavik residents love Smakk Barinn, an Icelandic tapas bar offering traditional Icelandic fare in petite jars served on high tables. The space is tightly packed with high tables and features a long wooden bar for an exciting dining experience that keeps its menu evolving with new items regularly added on the menu.

Some travelers may be shocked to learn of Iceland’s diverse African community, a small yet vibrant one whose influence can be felt across its cuisine and some of the finest restaurants are owned by individuals of African origin.


Strikid Restaurant in Akureyri offers great food and service at a very reasonable price, as well as being kid-friendly – ideal for families with young children! Their menu features delicious items like grilled cod and puffin; desserts are truly fantastic; plus there is great coffee or beer on offer too.

Iceland has many restaurants to offer those in search of quick snacks or elaborate dinners, from fast food joints like its iconic hotdogs to those renowned for serving delectable lamb dishes and fresh seafood dishes prepared with local ingredients – making Iceland an excellent destination for visitors looking for quality dining.

Kaffi Emil is an excellent family-owned cafe located in Grundarfjordur that’s popular with Game of Thrones fans – well worth stopping in if you’re visiting Iceland; their food is very reasonably priced and service is fantastic.

Iceland may be best-known for its geothermal spas, but it has also quickly become a culinary hotspot. Restaurants there have become must-visits for visitors from all over the globe; past offerings may have had quirky menus; now New Nordic tasting menus focus on fresh seafood as well as other Icelandic specialities.

Kef Restaurant

This restaurant is an absolute must for seafood enthusiasts. They offer an assortment of delectable dishes including salmon, lamb and cod and desserts such as chocolate cakes. Furthermore, their friendly staff is always ready to assist and their prices are extremely affordable; all these combine together make this restaurant worth visiting.

Iceland is home to some incredible restaurants that showcase both old and new culinary traditions, using local ingredients in innovative ways. Kopar, for instance, is an intimately rustic-style eatery near Reykjavik Harbour serving classic dishes such as cod tongue and scallop ceviche as well as heartier fare such as grilled duck and lamb.

Apotek Restaurant is another top pick. This higher-end establishment provides a range of delicious dishes as well as cocktails and wine – they even offer vegetarian and vegan menu items!

Kaffi Ilmur offers visitors looking for something a bit different an exciting dining experience. Serving both traditional and modern fare such as hearty soups and tasty sandwiches, as well as world-famous coffee and an array of beverages such as juice, wine and other beverages, Kaffi Ilmur offers something different.

As a visitor to Iceland, it’s crucial that you know where and when to eat. There are numerous restaurants of various prices – some more costly than others; make sure that your budget allows for dining out!


Egilsstadir Restaurant serves traditional recipes prepared with modern methods. It is best known for their homemade spice mixtures which customers can select and rub onto their food to enhance its flavors – creating an unforgettable culinary experience and showcasing all that Iceland has to offer! Additionally, their menu boasts various local dishes such as pickled lingonberry and skyr (a thick yogurt). All foodies visiting Iceland must visit this restaurant!

Although far removed from any major cities in Iceland, this restaurant stands out as a true gem and one of its finest dining experiences. Boasting an unassuming yet cozy interior with breathtaking views over Snaefellsnes peninsula and nearby mountains. Their menu boasts gourmet lamb dishes as well as unique lamb specialities; making this the ideal spot to relax with family or friends and share an enjoyable meal together.

Matarkjallarinn Restaurant & Bar, situated in the historic 160-year old Matarkjallarinn building, provides an atmospheric dining experience with understated classy vibes and an authentic Icelandic twist. Choose from their set menu or build your own a la carte meal; and be sure to stop by their bar before or after visiting Hallgrimskirkja for cocktails at their bar before your meal – plus there’s an extensive wine list and great soups like lamb meat soup and Plakkfiskur too.


Iceland boasts some exceptional and memorable dining experiences. One such restaurant is Matarkjallarinn Foodcellar – an exquisite dining establishment using locally sourced ingredients to offer an immersive dining experience. Housed within a historic building and offering seafood specialities along with cured meats and lamb dishes as well as cocktails – as well as many other drinks options.

The Sea Baron Restaurant in Reykjavik is an iconic seafood dining destination, known for its cozy ambience and delicious lobster soup. Additionally, home-style recipes have been passed down through generations; for example plokkfiskur fish stew and rye bread ice cream can also be found here – an ideal destination for tourists wanting to experience Icelandic cuisine!

At Grundarfjordur’s tasty eatery is the ideal spot to experience an exquisite dining experience. One of Iceland’s highest-rated restaurants, it features an Icelandic feast with six courses that includes Brennivin.

Though on the more expensive side, Reykjavik restaurants are worth trying; their food is both fresh and authentic, which will prevent sticker shock upon returning home. Other than these options, there are numerous other dining options in Reykjavik; for instance, Bakariid vid Bruna bakery provides great meals!

Matarkjallarinn Foodcellar

Iceland has long been known for its beautiful nature, but now it has also become a haven of culinary excellence. Many top chefs have settled there and created an excellent dining scene. Icelandic cuisine combines local ingredients with international flavors for an unparalleled dining experience.

“Food in Your Body and Music in Your Soul” is the restaurant’s motto. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, while Icelandic ingredients provide culinary art at this cozy dining spot. As its focal point, the beautiful mahogany Johann Strauss grand piano made by Austrian company Bosendorfer in 1880 stands proudly. Incorporating Icelandic culture through art by Hrafnhildur Bjornsdottir and Thorir Celin creates a distinct environment.

At Matarkjallarinn, guests can choose from monkfish, cod and grilled lamb for dinner. Meals are served on traditional Icelandic rye bread called rugbraud topped with butter (or locally popular salted butter!). Additionally, cocktails and gin-based beverages are also offered.

The menu offers an array of seafood and meat dishes prepared in various ways, from traditional BBQ to hearty stew. The food is delicious and service is outstanding; additionally, they provide gluten-free products with help available from their waiters if necessary and substitutions will be made if necessary.

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