The Best Festivals in Romania

Traditional folk festivals offer an authentic glimpse of Romanian culture. You can dress up in a traditional costume and join in on the dancing, feasting and singing festivities.

In addition to folk festivals, Romania also hosts a range of other cultural events. From classical music concerts to street art exhibitions, there is something for everyone in Romania.

SAGA Festival

Romania boasts some of the finest festivals in Europe, showcasing music, art and culture. Whether you’re searching for an alternative festival in North-East Romania or a party in Cluj-Napoca city center, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The SAGA Festival is a three-day electronic music event held at Bucharest’s National Arena and organized by ALDA Events. Artists like Tiesto, Carl Cox, Timmy Trumpet, Alan Walker, Masked Wolf and more perform at this popular annual gathering in Romania’s capital.

This summer, the festival returns for its second installment from June 3 – 5. With over 100 artists across multiple stages, this summer’s edition promises a magical experience!

SAGA promises to be one of the city’s best festivals with an array of star DJs performing over the course of a weekend. Situated in stunning central Bucharest, this electronic dance music extravaganza will showcase various genres such as EDM, future bass, house and techno.

If you’re planning on attending this festival, it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets online as soon as possible in order to guarantee a spot. Over the weekend, guests can enjoy various activities like food trucks and live music.

From June 3 – 5 at the National Arena, more than 90 trucks of equipment are expected to arrive from different parts of the world. Additionally, there will be workshops and activities specifically tailored for children at this event.

At this event, several international DJs will be performing, such as Marshmello, Black Coffee, Fisher, Meduza and Sickick. These artists will take over Source Heat and Spark stages over three days of festivities.

After the event, attendees can join friends for a party in the park surrounding the venue. It’s an ideal way to spend a weekend in Romania’s capital!

The event is renowned for its distinctive blend of music and arts, making it one of the premier festivals in the region. Plus, you won’t want to miss its grand visual effects or special performance shows! For an exhilarating festival experience like no other, make sure you attend SAGA Festival 2022!

Form Days

Romania hosts numerous music festivals that are worth attending if you’re a music enthusiast. Whether it’s an alternative music festival in Romania or an exciting beach party, the country has something special for everyone.

The Untold Festival is one of the world’s most beloved events, taking place this year from 2-5 August and featuring artists such as Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki and The Prodigy.

Untold also hosts other activities and festivals like Creepy Animation Night and Anim’est, where animation shorts and features are showcased alongside film retrospectives dedicated to directors, film schools, and festivals.

Christmas in Romania is a festive occasion, marked by many traditions rooted in Christianity as well as ancient pagan rituals. One such carol, colinde, is performed across the country with great enthusiasm.

If you are visiting Romania in December, don’t miss the chance to explore a Christmas market! In some towns, there are traditional stalls and markets where you can find everything from Christmas trees to handmade gifts.

Rural Christmas markets may be smaller than their urban counterparts, yet they offer the same enthralling atmosphere. The smells, colors and tastes are just as exciting!

Enjoy a festive meal at your local restaurant or bar. Here, you can sample traditional Romanian dishes like sarmale – an open-face meat and vegetable pie – or ciorba – a tart vegetable broth perfect for warming up.

Food plays an integral role in any travel experience, and Romanians take great pride in their cuisine. They enjoy experimenting with flavors and spices to bring out the best in each dish they create.

At all times of year, the countryside offers an array of outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, wildlife watching and more. For those who enjoy camping or canyoning, there are plenty of opportunities to do so; additionally, mountain bike enthusiasts will find plenty of trails to choose from in this vast network of trails.


Sunwaves is one of the world’s most well-known electronic music festivals held twice annually in Mamaia, Romania – in May and August. Attracting partygoers from around the globe since 2007, this minimal-focused event attracts hundreds of attendees each year on its beach resort location.

Experience an unforgettable festival with top international artists and up-and-comers alike, featuring DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Lee Burridge, Cabenne, Kozo, Marco Carola and Zip who will keep you dancing all day long!

When booking tickets for the festival, it is essential to remember that it runs five days and nights. Therefore, you should plan your time wisely and try not to overindulge in alcohol or caffeine if possible.

This festival is highly sought-after, so be sure to purchase your tickets early for the best beachfront spot and an enjoyable lineup.

If you’re a fan of EDM and want to see some of the greatest DJs around, then Sunwaves should definitely be on your bucket list. This electronic music festival in Romania boasts some incredible acts that you won’t find anywhere else.

The festival boasts an eclectic setlist, which is one of the main reasons it has become so popular. This includes various electronic subgenres like house and techno.

SUNWAVES festival is renowned for its never-ending schedule, which made it the ideal choice to launch in the United Arab Emirates this March. This marks the first time an electronic music festival from Romania has been exported abroad – an impressive milestone for the SUNWAVES brand.

One aspect that sets this festival apart is its location on a beach. With ocean breezes and sand beneath your feet, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise – especially during the evening hours when the ambiance transforms into an even greater party atmosphere.

If you’re searching for an extended weekend getaway to the seaside town of Constanta, this festival is the ideal destination. With plenty of hotels near the beach and plenty of activities to enjoy while here, your vacation will be even more enjoyable.

Summer Well Fest

Summer Well is one of Romania’s premier music festivals and has grown into a must-attend annual event. Held at Stirbey Domain, it features over 30 artists on four stages over three days.

This is the place to be if you want to dance your favorite songs, meet new people and form lasting friendships. Plus, its incredible experience and positive energy will last weeks!

Domeniul Stirbey Forest near Bucharest is the stunning venue for this festival, boasting great music, art installations and camping areas.

The main stage is dedicated to pop, rock and electronic music; however, there are other stages as well. These include a hip-hop/trap stage, an afterparty area and one for emerging artists.

While you wait for your favorite artist to perform, there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as roller-skating, disco ball and food courts! Additionally, massage stations and wellness centers offer services like getting a massage, having your foot rub or enjoying a sauna.

Summer Well is unique in that it not only features music, but art and culture as well. There will be photo exhibits, architecture projects and much more to experience during this unique event.

You can enjoy a range of activities, like archery or spray painting. Additionally, you can join yoga and meditation classes for added relaxation.

Buftea’s largest and most renowned festival takes place in Stirbey Domain, a 25 hectare park filled with ancient trees and an inner lake. This event marks the closest town to Bucharest in Romania – Buftea – located close by Bucharest.

Every August, this festival brings with it an unmistakably unique atmosphere. Surrounded by nature and delicious cuisine, visitors are sure to have a wonderful time.

Banat has organized this festival for 11 years and boasts an impressive line-up of bands in pop, rock and indie genres. With such a long history behind them, this festival can be considered the creme de la creme when it comes to live music events.

Domeniul Stirbey, a three-day music festival set in an idyllic forest near Bucharest, has been hosting over 30 artists on four stages for three years now.

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