The Best Areas to Stay in Latvia

When planning a vacation to Latvia, there are a number of different areas you can stay in. These areas are centrally located, and are all very accessible via public transport. These areas are characterized by their lack of luxury accommodations, but they are also great for budget travelers. Here’s what you should look for in each one.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Latvia, one of the best areas to stay is Vecriga’s Old Town. The area is full of historical medieval sites and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s also where you’ll find the most authentic Latvian food.

The Vecriga area of Riga is pedestrian-only and offers many shops and restaurants. You’ll find everything from antique shops to modern architecture in the area. You’ll also find many attractions, such as Livu Square, here. The best part of staying in Vecriga is that it’s a very affordable option.

Another great area to stay in is Riga’s Old Town. It’s a great place for walking around because of the cobblestone streets and the number of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Central Riga

While visiting Latvia, the most popular area to stay is the downtown area, where the city’s attractions are located. This area is a mix of old and new, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers. It also has a hip, young, and eclectic feel that will appeal to the younger generation.

The center of the city is the best place to stay, especially if you want to be close to the Old Town and train station. Accommodation here is cheaper and restaurants are less touristy, making this area a popular option. It also tends to have a slower pace. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, you may want to consider staying outside of the center.

Located in northeastern Europe, Riga can be quite cold during the winter months. However, the climate is very pleasant in the spring and summer. This is due to the high latitude of the city. The days are longer in spring and summer, making them the most ideal times to visit.


Liepaja is one of the most popular summer destinations in Latvia. Despite the lack of international tourism, this seaside city has plenty to offer to visitors. Liepaja is home to one of the oldest professional theaters in the country. It was built in 1907, and has been beautifully restored. Its spacious hall is decorated with large, red curtains and offers a diverse repertoire.

The northern part of Liepaja is referred to as Karosta, and means “War Port” or “Navy Harbor.” During the Soviet occupation of Latvia, this city was used as a secret military base. The town’s population fell from 25,000 to just six thousand by 1994. In addition to being a place of great historical importance, it is also a great place to enjoy a summer barbecue.


Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Ventspils was once a major port for the Duchy of Courland and a Hanseatic League city. Now, the city is an attractive tourist destination, with numerous attractions. It is also home to one of the busiest ports in Europe. While you’re in Ventspils, check out its seaside open air museum, which features fascinating displays of local history. The town also features a beautiful beach that is ideal for sun worshippers and volleyball players. In the summer, you can even try out kitesurfing.

If you have more time, you can visit the town of Jurmala, which has one of the longest sandy beaches in northern Europe. The town itself features historic wooden architecture that resembles gingerbread houses, and it is also home to the Dzintari Forest Park, Latvia’s largest national park.


Besides the beaches and the nightlife, Latvia is also a great place for those who enjoy cycling and hiking. The country is also ideal for driving around and tasting the local produce. You can stay in some of the best hotels in Latvia, which will provide you with all the necessary comforts. If you want to be close to the city center, the Grand Palace Hotel is an excellent option. The hotel has a wide selection of rooms and a great restaurant and bar, which serves international cuisine.

Another great area to stay in Latvia is Jurmala, which is only a half-hour drive from the capital, Riga. This city has some of the longest sandy beaches in northern Europe. Jurmala is also home to the Dzintari Forest Park and historic wooden architecture. Ventspils is another great destination that boasts beautiful nature and scenic lakeside hotels.

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