The Best Areas to Stay in Bordeaux

First-time visitors should choose accommodation that is within walking distance of major city attractions – these will also prove more affordable than staying right in the centre!

Stay at Pey Berland & Meriadeck to be near Bordeaux Cathedral and Bordeaux City Hall, explore museums in this area, and experience one of Bordeaux’s iconic locations!


Bastide, located just south of Bordeaux city center, has much to offer travelers and especially families. Staying there can be significantly cheaper than staying in its core, yet still within an easy tram ride of all attractions; hotels and apartments start from EUR100 a night – perfect for budget travellers! Among Bastide’s many restaurants and cafes is Le Miroir d’eau (The Water Mirror), an iconic modern monument located directly in front of Place de la Bourse from 18th Century France.

Capucins offers some of the city’s finest restaurants and bars, along with an excellent selection of markets and shops. Daily market shopping at Capucins can be quite an adventure; with stands selling all sorts of goodies lining its perimeter. Also worth trying: delicious oysters which locals often gather around for quick lunch gatherings.

Bastide’s riverfront offers outdoor dining and drinking establishments during the warmer months, making for an idyllic spot when the sun is out – ideal for exploring this bustling city on foot!

Bastide’s proximity to vineyards makes for a wonderful day trip out into the country; guests can explore some of these wineries during their stay here. Furthermore, Bastide offers a relaxing stay and stunning countryside views from every window in its quiet ambience and luxurious accommodations.

The city center of Paris is just a quick train or bus ride away, offering plenty of great hotels. Additionally, staying on the outskirts offers access to some fantastic parks and nature reserves such as Parc des Expositions. In terms of airport accessibility there are also some affordable options nearby that make flying out easier on tight schedules – it is advised that prioritising location when selecting hotels. To make sure a positive experience it’s advisable to read reviews for each property before selecting.


For visitors seeking an immersive Bordeaux experience, this area is an excellent option. Just a short tram ride from the historic district, its streets are lined with cafes and restaurants; its wine tasting rooms boast some of the best wine collections; it also hosts an interesting museum dedicated solely to wine; it makes an excellent romantic getaway option!

This neighborhood features an ample selection of hotels and apartment rentals to meet every budget, with budget-minded visitors having plenty of affordable choices available to them. When considering your stay here it would be worthwhile checking out hotels near Tram A as this line will quickly transport you from Pont Pierre to Hotel du Ville within minutes.

Some consider this area to be like a miniature version of Paris; its charming facades and wealthy residents make it no surprise that many have settled here. Notable addresses in the neighborhood include Rue Notre Dame and Place du Marche des Chartrons which are home to several excellent restaurants.

There are also some nice shops in the neighborhood, from high-end boutiques on Cours de l’Intendance to more traditional stores on Quai des Marques. Additionally, this neighborhood features many wonderful bars and nightclubs offering breathtaking views over both the river and city centre.

La Cite du Vin in Chartrons district is one of the city’s most fascinating museums, dedicated to all things wine. For any lover of vinous beverages, this venue should not be missed. Set within old wine cellars.

Other top attractions in the region include the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grand Cru Classe vineyards. These vineyards are among the most renowned wine growing regions in France and there are tours that visit them – it would not be complete to visit without taking one of these vineyard tours with an experienced guide!

Nansouty & St Genes

This area of Bordeaux may be further from the main attractions, yet still within walking distance. As this is where many of Bordeaux’s vineyards can be found, this is also an ideal location for wine enthusiasts – here you will find some of the best wine bars and restaurants as well as its famous Cite du Vin museum.

Bordeaux’s residential areas tend to have a stronger local vibe that attracts many of its residents to settle here, making them popular choices among travelers on a tight budget. There are some great family-friendly communities here too – perfect for travelers traveling with children!

At the core of this area is Bordeaux’s historic district, featuring narrow streets and exquisite monuments that transport you back in time. Popular bars and restaurants can also be found here along with some of Bordeaux’s top shops. It’s easy to navigate this charming part of town by either walking around on your own or using one of the tram lines that run throughout – getting you straight into its heart in minutes.

Nansouty and St Genes lie just to the south of the center, two nearby neighborhoods with a distinct village-like ambience that are more affordable than some other parts of town and located close to the central business district. This neighborhood also provides many clothing boutiques and other shops for shoppers to peruse during their daily walks or runs through town.

Bordeaux Lac is another cost-cutting choice that still places them close to main attractions: this neighborhood can easily be reached via public transit – in particular buses and trams. Plus, many convention centers can be found here! This neighborhood makes an excellent home base when attending events in Bordeaux.

Cauderan is our final recommendation in Bordeaux and lies to the west of Downtown. While not often considered a tourist hotspot, Cauderan boasts a pleasant traditional town atmosphere and makes a wonderful base from which to experience French community life first-hand. There are a range of shops and restaurants nearby as well as several lovely parks – making Cauderan an excellent location!


Cauderan offers modern travelers who seek more contemporary accommodations the ideal place to call home in Bordeaux. This upscale district features luxury hotels and apartments as well as numerous dining, shopping, and leisure opportunities – not to mention its convenient proximity to public transit systems.

This district features some of the city’s finest restaurants, including Michelin-star recipient Le Pressoir de la Fontaine. There are also an abundance of cafes and bars within this neighborhood as well as the Basilica of Saint-Michel which serves as an architectural gem offering visitors the perfect way to immerse themselves in Bordeaux culture.

This neighborhood is also home to the world-famous Bordeaux Wine Museum, an absolute must for any wine enthusiast. Boasting an extensive collection of wines from across the globe as well as interactive exhibits that offer visitors an insight into winemaking’s history and process, the museum offers free admission – be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time as it can become quite busy!

Hotel De Seze is another top choice, boasting four-star luxury with spa services and an on-site restaurant. Conveniently situated at Cours de l’Intendance just five minutes from Bordeaux Opera and Bassins a Flot (Bordeaux’s cultural heart), Hotel De Seze is also within walking distance to these popular sites.

Bastide is an ideal neighborhood in Bordeaux for walkers, boasting many of its most important landmarks like Place de la Bourse and Miroir d’Eau. With narrow and picturesque streets to stroll around and experience local culture, and several parks and gardens that are great places for an afternoon stroll – it makes the Bastide an excellent place to stay!

Bordeaux is an exhilarating hub of activity with numerous sights and activities to experience. If you are considering moving here, make sure that your chosen neighborhood matches up perfectly with your lifestyle – with stunning scenery and excellent amenities nearby, Bordeaux makes for an exciting place to live!

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