What NOT to Do When Flying

I’ve seen all sorts of annoying people doing maddening things at the airport and on the plane. I’ll help you avoid some unacceptable flying behavior, as well as guide you to a smoother flight whether you are about to embark on a trip around the world, or a weekend getaway.


What NOT to Do When Flying

Don’t spend impulsively

Flying is already expensive enough before you start buying things from the seatback Sky Mall Magazine. Airport food and drinks will also be more expensive than if you get them outside supermarkets or restaurants. Come prepared.

  • Bring a water bottle (you can refill it once past security checkpoints)
  • Pack a healthy lunch (maybe a sandwich, almonds and fruit) to bring so it will be easy to avoid overpriced candy and food.
  • Get souvenirs locally rather than last minute at the airport.

Simple planning can save you a ton of money that you would rather spend on entertainment and other shopping expenses. In my case, as a thrifty spender and dirt cheap world traveler, I put most of my money towards getting an around the world ticket, and hostel lodging which is planned ahead of time.

Don’t be selfish

Have you ever had someone steal the window seat when they were assigned to an aisle? How about having the person in front of you lean their chair way back so that it nearly touches your legs? It is sad that this even needs to be on the list, because it is not an acceptable way to relate to others in a confined space. Instead of stealing seats or invading your fellow passenger’s bubble, simply treat others as you would like to be treated. Show kindness. Maybe you aren’t intentionally being selfish, which leads me to my next piece of advice.

Don’t be oblivious

There are a lot of oblivious things that you can do to annoy everyone on the plane like chatting your neighbor’s ear off or refusing to stand up when somebody is trying to get past you to their seat. If you both feel like talking, go for it, but there is nothing worse than wanting to relax while being bombarded with endless conversation. Similarly to avoiding selfishness, intentionally consider your environment, and please don’t hit on the person next to you either. There is a difference between the ridiculous act of bothering someone during a flight to get a date, and the mutually flirtatious conversation like those that occur in chick flicks. (When does that ever happen in real life?)

Avoid strange, stinky or fast foods

Don’t eat anything that will make you gassy or leave a lingering smell on your body. That just isn’t pleasant. This also applies to those people who douse themselves with strong smelling perfume or cologne. If you put your shirt collar up to your nose and it isn’t comfortable to keep it there for 30 seconds because of the strong smell, you know you’re doing something wrong. Take a shower, wear deodorant and keep fragrances light.

By Isabelle Darcy 

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