Moscow Nightlife Facts To Remember

The truth is that locals in Moscow do know how to party. There are not many things that are taboo in the capital of Russia. We can say that, no matter what your tastes are, you will find something to appreciate. You can find great pubs, bars, concert venues, live music bars, strip clubs, disco bars and even extravagant night clubs.

It can be said that practically all the nightlife locations do all that they can in order to outdo themselves. Most will include some sort of entrance fee with trendy clubs being highly expensive. There are no legal casinos that you can visit because of the fact that they are now illegal.

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We all know Russians are famed for the vodka that they drink but the truth is that there are not as many choices that are available for those that want to consume alcohol as there were in the past. Moscovites actually started looking towards the Western counterparts in order to get inspiration. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to notice the fact that there are many franchises available, Irish styled and British styled pubs you can visit. There are even many German and American beer halls. You just have to search and you will find all you need from billiard rooms to karaoke bars.

The truth is that Moscow nightlife is highly unpredictable. You will not exactly know where you will want to go after you start taking options into account. The entire nightlife is charged and you do need to have enough cash with you.

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You will need to pay more for a club entrance. Also, face control is used in Moscow by most bouncers. This means that you have to dress up a little so you can be presentable at all times.

Travelers should be aware of the fact that the nightlife epicenter is the Beliy Gorod, northern region. You would stop at the Pushkinskaya Metro stop and then go round Tverskayato visit various relaxing and student filled locations.

If your budget is low, you will want to consider the Kharnovniki district. It is located in the southwest and prices are usually cheaper there. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to notice that a lot of young people are to be found there, especially during weekends.

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On the whole, Moscow nightlife may seem disorientating but if you use common sense, you will have a lot of fun. Just read reviews and plan in advance.

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