Most Interesting Wine Festivals To Experience In Europe

Wine festivals can be a real treat for everyone that visits, not just the wine lovers, although they are going to be the ones that will appreciate the experience the most. If you are interested in the very best wine festivals that Europe has to offer, do be sure that you consider the following as they are simply incredible.

La Champenoise – France

Champagne is always a treat on a special occasion. Just as the name implies, the annual La Champenoise (first edition 2016) is going to be high quality champagne home in the north-east of Paris. The 2017 edition took place between June 8 and 10 in the city of Reims. Learning about this fine wine from over 65 renowned champagne houses is obviously a treat for everyone interested. Tastings are available, of course.

Le Marathon Du Medoc – France

Sometimes promoted as the booziest race in the world, this 26.2 miles marathon is more of a cross-country experience, a really serious road race. However, you can go for the wine too, even if it is more interesting to be a participant. Thousands of people are going to run in an area that is stunning. What is interesting is that you can be hydrated with wine steak, oysters and even ice cream if you are into that. This is what is present at the pit stops.

La Batalla De Haro – Spain

This is an annual wine fight held in Rioja. The premise is quite simple. You participate and you drench yourself and the others with local wine. The novel annual festival lasts a number of days every year and the tradition behind it is actually stretching back for centuries, with the first recorded wine fight being held after local communities started to argue while establishing boundaries. The entire experience is really friendly and there are not many places in the world where you are encouraged to throw wine at strangers.

Budapest Wine Festival – Hungary

Hungary is so overlooked when referring to wine. Few people know how good the wine in the country is so the Budapest Wine Festival is a great option to try since there are over 200 wineries that are scheduled every single year. Some options are cheap. Others are much more expensive. No matter the case, you will love the experience since the setting of the festival is the Buda Castle. Drinking wine in a restored medieval royal palace. What can be more special?

Fete Des Vendanges De Montmartre

This is a festival that is held right in Paris, in the beautiful Sacre-Coeur. The 2017 edition will take place in October between the 11th and the 15th. The Clos Montmartre 2000 vines are welcomed here. Around 1000 red wine bottles from them will be auctioned for charity during the event but you can also enjoy so much more wine as you visit.

No matter what Europe based wine festival you consider, be sure that you plan in advance. There will be many people that will attend.

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