Common Fights During the Honeymoon

The wedding is over, you both had a ball at your reception and now it’s time to jet away to a beautiful locale for an unbelievably romantic honeymoon. Absolutely nothing could go wrong . . . right? As the hoopla and stress of the wedding dies down and reality starts to settle in, it is not uncommon for couples to bicker during their once-in-a-lifetime getaway. With a little bit of flexibility and forethought, newlyweds can sidestep common pitfalls and sources of contention so they can truly enjoy their honeymoon. These are the topics that you can easily avoid squabbling about:

Honey moon couple at the beach
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Choosing Daily Activities

You want to go jet skiing and your spouse wants to go shopping. You would love to go on a tour, but your partner wants to spend the night walking along the beach. Such conversations are not uncommon, so make sure you go into the honeymoon with an outline of the day’s activities so you the two of you can rest assured that each of your personal interests are being addressed. It doesn’t matter in what order you do things, just make sure you both get to do what you want to do and that you are always doing things together; however, don’t overstuff your schedule, as you will want to leave plenty of opportunities for lazy afternoons and moments of spontaneity. Research your chosen honeymoon destination and list the top 3-5 things you each want to see so the two of you can make sure that your top travel priorities are met with plenty of time left for charm and passion.


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Money Woe’s During The Trip

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce in America and, because of that, you need to avoid talk of money during the honeymoon. In order to not overspend, have a budget predetermined for the trip so the two of you can painlessly decide whether dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower can be financially swung or not. Once again, research will play a helpful role in budgeting the trip, as you want your noted number to be realistic for the specific locale; always leave plenty of margin for erroneous costs so you don’t have to fret over each extra penny that is spent, and investigate painless ways to cut costs prior to your intimate retreat.


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Intercourse during Honeymoon

Yes, couples fight over intercourse all the time, and the honeymoon is no exception. The biggest problem with this is that you and your spouse are probably in a location where you will never be again and, because of this, one of you may be hankering to venture out of the hotel more than the other. Don’t lock yourself in the bedroom and never leave, as there is plenty of time for fooling about when you get back home as well. Instead, do your physical and site seeing activities during day light and, when the sun goes down, select romantic activities like dancing or intimate meals that will feel like foreplay for when you get back to the room.


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Life & Responsibilities 

Almost all couples have “hot button” topics that have the potential to whip them into an angry frenzy; whether it is splitting chores, whose family to spend the holidays with, issues with jealousy or past arguments that were never settled, make an agreement prior to your honeymoon that such subjects are off-limits no matter what. Furthermore, don’t let the mundane responsibilities of everyday life invade your dream getaway. This may mean turning off your cell phone, neglecting your email and limiting discussions about work.


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Remember, a honeymoon as newlyweds is a very special occasion that cannot be repeated. Therefore, try and let go of the little things and live in the moment; the two of you have a lifetime to laugh, quarrel, love and build a life together, so don’t let pettiness get in the way of your romantic holiday.

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