Celebrate Togetherness with these Sunshine Coast Getaways

Trips are mostly memorable when they’re spent with ones you love. When enjoyed together, lavish, adventurous, and engaging settings can seal the passionate bond between you and your partner.

On your next couple’s trip, make sure to check out these interesting sights:


Luxury Cabins and Cottages

Be comfortably tucked away in the wilderness as you spend some quality time with the apple of your eye. Luxury cabins and cottages are exclusively availed by couples for chances to be alone together. Memorable moments are what count, especially when days are getting more and more hectic.

This is the place to unwind and be pampered. Luxury and cosyness can envelope the love you have for your partner. Romantic moments can pop up anytime while you experience fine dining, relaxing massages, breathtaking art galleries, and energizing strolls beside the waterfalls.

What makes this trip special?

It will feel like it’s just you and your partner in the world. With no distractions, you can focus on togetherness. You can re-create a newer set of memories, and there’ll be a lot of them in romantic cottages. All amenities will be quite lavish, and every detail leaves you with fullness of your stay.

Privacy will not be an issue in luxurious cabins. You can reserve a whole place with romantic views, just for the two of you. The aura is as peaceful as it can get. If it’s a hassle to see crowds walking past, you don’t need to worry about this in exclusive lodges. It’s a combination of being with your significant other, as you indulge in the finest food selections and massages in a hideaway.


Great Barrier Reef
By Sarah Ackerman under CC BY 2.0


The Great Barrier Reef

This side of the coast has a whole lot of trivia to offer. If you’re a couple with a penchant for adventure, the Great Barrier Reef’s sites will leave you for endlessly wanting to feed your hunger for curiosity.

It’s the only body of water which can be seen from outer space. The reef is also the largest coral system in the world, with the most interesting underwater wildlife to discover.

It’s best for you to book an accommodation at island resorts, which has inclusive activities in their packages. Upon arrival, there are spots which offer sunset drinks, boat tours, snorkelling, fish feeding, nature walks.

What makes this trip special?

You can have an even more exciting experience in being part of a global marker. Most lovers have etched a special memory with every journey they take. The hush of an ocean’s wind can remind of a time when a stroll along the beach took place with your loved one.

After the trip, you may look back and be reminded of a time at the barrier. Your betrothed’s blue eyes may remind you of waves, and each of you gets taken back to a special trip you experienced at the seas.



If you’re up for refreshing breezes and acres of spaces, a vineyard may be just the place you’re looking for. Wines can differ in taste, depending on the soil by which they grew. The Sunshine Coast has a unique taste profile to offer.

You can try out different kinds alongside seeing how wine is made. From Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, up to Shiraz, you can have fun in sipping your favourite selections.

What makes this trip special?

For couples who need to de-stress and unwind, going on a refined drinking date can ease up tense spirits. The breeze of plantations can do you good as well. Captivating photos can be taken with an astonishing view. With a good drink and magnificent plantation trails, you can spend precious moments with the one you love.

Discovering newer sights with your partner seals your relationship even further. Whether you go for aquatic exploration, luxuriously kempt locations, or cultured beverages, nothing beats regularly traveling with your love. Treasured journeys can lead to lasting romances.

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