Best Seafood Restaurants In Charleston

Charleston is obviously a place where you would want to experience some really great seafood. There are so many restaurants and chefs that are ready to accommodate all your wishes so, without further ado, let us think about the best seafood restaurants in Charleston, those that you absolutely need to visit if you want seafood.

Seafood Restaurants In Charleston

Bowens Island Restaurant

This is a restaurant that is located on a 13 acres island, something that is unique in Charleston. It appeared in 1946 by Jimmy and May Bowen. The restaurant is just 5 minutes away from Folly Beach. There are many fried seafood options available and we recommend anything with oysters.

Amen Street Fish And Raw Bar

This is practically a corner seafood delight that is located right in the downtown historic Charleston district. Amen Street will give you access to so many dishes in its menu but the fresh raw bar is obviously the huge delight. There are various fried seafood platters available, seafood pasta and much more. Make sure that you also check out the oysters as they are quite great.

Blu Restaurant & Bar

You can come dressed great or casual. It does not matter much since you will surely feel great when enjoying the dishes offered by this seafood restaurant in Charleston. You can enjoy so many dishes like salads, starters or snacks. Specials are available and should be tasted as they are to die for. Also, the ocean view is quite great.


The name obviously says it all and the seafood restaurant is the one you have to check out as it makes the list of the best establishments of its kind in Charleston. What should be known is that this is a really favorite destination for locals because of the menus offered at great prices. You have to take all the time that may be needed to check out the menu so you can decide what you want to try when you visit. Portions are quite generous.


This is the sister restaurant to Magnolia and Cypress. You want to try it because of the house specialties that are available. While many visit in order to taste some homemade pizza, you will mainly appreciate the seafood since you are reading this article. There are many interesting options that you can take advantage of. The sausage and shrimp omelette is the one that we have to recommend.

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

There is no list of the best seafood restaurants in Charleston that does not include this location, the best seafood restaurant in the city for 13 years consecutively. You can experience great dishes every day of the week. It is incredibly popular among visitors and locals. Check out the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail as it is quite popular.

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