Best Restaurants in Lyon

Lyon is known as France’s culinary capital, boasting some of the finest restaurants in France. Here, chefs create new twists on classic recipes while infusing them with modern elements.

At some of Lyon’s finest restaurants, you’ll find bouchons serving traditional Lyonnaise dishes like andouillettes de brochet (pike dumplings). This tradition was revived by generations of hardworking women who opened low-priced bistros during the 19th century.

1. La Tete De Lard

La Tete De Lard in the 1st arrondissement strives to be your go-to restaurant for excellent food and service. Situated within an upscale shopping mall, it’s within easy walking distance of many top attractions in the city. Their a la carte menu boasts an array of flavors that will tantalize you or remind you of some forgotten dishes.

This restaurant is one of the finest you’ll find in this region of France, boasting several upscale dining options and even a wine bar. The atmosphere here is welcoming, with staff that are incredibly attentive.

When planning a visit to this charming establishment, the best time to book is during off-peak season when rates tend to be lower. Travel sites offer discounts at this hotel and KAYAK can help you find the best deal for your trip. Guests will appreciate its many amenities such as its lounge bar, pool and garden area; plus it has free WiFi, self parking and an ideal location. What’s even more impressive is that this spot is pet-friendly! Whether you’re here on business or pleasure – make this your next getaway destination!

2. Les Flacconeurs

For an exquisite meal in Lyon, France – known for its culinary excellence and welcoming atmosphere – look no further than Les Flacconeurs Restaurant. It is one of the top restaurants in this vibrant city known for its superb chefs and cuisine.

Wine connoisseurs will love this spot to sample some of the region’s top wines. The selection here is extensive and prices are reasonable.

The restaurant offers an impressive selection of cocktails and wine to accompany your dinner. They serve a selection of appetizers that will tantalize your tastebuds, such as smoked fish spread and pickled pig’s feet salad.

Wine is the most popular drink in Lyon, but there are also many breweries producing delicious beer. What better way to experience Lyon’s culture while having a few beers and some food at the same time!

Another place with plenty to offer is an outdoor market. These markets feature rotating vendors who sell a wide range of fresh food and produce items like fruits, vegetables, eggs, sausage, cheese and more from these markets.

For those who want to experience something local while on vacation without breaking the bank, this market offers plenty of food and shopping options every day of the week.

For those in Lyon looking for a break from French cuisine, there are some excellent Italian restaurants. Carmelo is one of the more modern and refined establishments, serving pasta dishes that are quite delicious. This romantic spot makes an ideal date night or dinner spot; plus, the prices are quite reasonable too!

For health-conscious diners, this restaurant is an ideal option; the owners are dedicated to serving local and organic cuisine. You can try their tasting menu or have the chef create a personalized meal just for you. They also have delicious desserts like macarons or chocolate.

3. Toutes Les Couleurs

Toutes Les Couleurs is one of Lyon’s top restaurants for those on a plant-based diet, featuring organic food with seasonal ingredients and plenty of vegan and gluten-free dishes. Situated in Old Town, this eatery boasts stunning views of the Saone River and makes an ideal stopover during your trip to Lyon.

Toutes Les Couleurs is not only a highly recommended restaurant for vegetarians and vegans, but it’s also one of Lyon’s most stylish and comfortable restaurants. It has an inviting social vibe, plus friendly and helpful staff members.

The menu here mainly consists of vegetables, grains and other plant-based foods. There’s an array of salads, vegetable bowls and traditional French dishes to choose from; plus pastas, soups and more! While the selection changes frequently, if you’re searching for an organic and vegetarian restaurant in Lyon then take a look!

In addition to its organic focus, Toutes Les Couleurs is a great option for couples and families who want to try longer meals that don’t involve meat. Their dishes are delicious, and the atmosphere makes it ideal for enjoying an intimate dinner together or family get-together.

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