Best Area to Stay in Strasbourg

Those arriving by train or bus should choose an area close to Quartier de la Gare for optimal accommodations in Strasbourg, providing easy access to many main attractions as well as rental car services.

Kable and Poincare neighbourhoods to the north of the city center provide a more authentic local experience, featuring numerous hotels at all price levels.

Petite France

Petite France is an idyllic UNESCO World Heritage-listed neighborhood reminiscent of something out of a fairytale, featuring charming cobblestone streets that curve around the River Ill, picturesque Alsatian houses, and cozy cafes – an absolute delight to explore and stay at in Strasbourg. If you want a true immersion into its culture then Petite France should be your top pick.

Petite France hotels provide an ideal combination of luxury and affordability, such as Hotel Regent Petite France & Spa which dates back to 16th-century and located within walking distance of all that Petite France has to offer; its rooms boast spectacular views of its surrounding cityscape.

Hotel Le Bouclier d’Or offers luxury stays in the center of town at an upscale and luxurious level, boasting elegant rooms with breathtaking city views, antique furnishings, and modern amenities such as its wine bar and wellness center with hot tub, sauna, and hammam facilities.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are numerous cost-effective hotels near the Cathedral and Grand Ile that provide quality lodging at reasonable rates. Residence La Canopee is an excellent family option less than 15 minutes from both Christmas Markets in Petite France as well as offering double and family rooms as well as private parking.

On the outskirts of the city there are also budget-friendly accommodations. Krutenau neighborhood provides a good place for families, close to Christmas Market. Apartments and guesthouses in this area provide great value, as do a handful of luxury and boutique hotels such as Hotel du Nord or Le Cocon.

As your travel needs and budget dictate, there are various neighborhoods within the city from which to select. Choose between staying near Petite France in the historic center, Krutenau near lively neighborhoods such as Central, Orangerie in European district or somewhere in between like Grand Ile – there will certainly be one suitable to your style of travel and budget!

Grand Ile

Are You Searching For the Ideal Area to Explore Strasbourg? Grande Ile or “La Petite France,” known for its canals, traditional Alsacian restaurants and specialty wine stores is at the core of city center with one of Europe’s oldest Christmas Markets residing here.

Grand Ile is an expansive island situated in the middle of Strasbourg city center. Here can be found most landmarks and attractions – including Strasbourg Cathedral, Place Kleber and many canals – which make Grand Ile an attractive tourist destination during festive seasons.

Visitors will also discover the Musee des Beaux-Arts (showcasing works by Rembrandt and Goya), Palais de Justice and Strasbourg Historical Museum – each providing insight into Alsacian life from 13th century onwards through their everyday objects such as clothing, tools and items used for worship – in Strasbourg.

Grand Ile neighbourhood offers much more than culture; it also offers an excellent selection of hotels that range from budget to opulence – ideal for both travellers and families alike.

This district features the train station, making it an excellent choice for travellers using public transit. Although less central than Petite France or Grand Ile districts, this district can still offer convenient transport links.

There is an array of restaurants, bars and shops nearby – the tram stops are a short stroll. Here you’ll find everything from independent bookstores to craft beer bars!

Koenigshoffen offers many attractions for tourists visiting its western suburb, such as the Tour Merveilleuse du Schloessel (Schloessel Tower), Parc Albert-Schweitzer and its historic Jewish cemetery (Cimetiere Juif de Koenigshoffen). For something a bit livelier try booking in Orangerie where there are numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs – a favourite choice among students!


Orangerie is an excellent place to stay in Strasbourg if you’re in search of the ideal accommodation area. Situated west of Grande Ile and featuring hotels, restaurants and shops as well as beautiful buildings in various styles (such as half-timbered houses) lined with charming streets lined with lovely buildings; here you will also find stores offering traditional Alsatian fare such as food markets or cafes selling local specialities.

Orangerie is known as an exquisite district and home of Parc de l’Orangerie, an expansive park where locals and tourists alike can relax by jogging or watching storks alight on trees overhead. There are multiple tram stops nearby as well, making getting around easier than ever!

Orangerie offers a selection of popular budget and mid-range chains that make collecting points or joining memberships simple, as well as some unique accommodation such as “aparthotels” which combine comfort with flexibility – ideal for families with young children.

Orangerie neighborhood’s location near Strasbourg train station makes it an ideal location for travelers arriving from other parts of Europe or planning long stays in Strasbourg. From there, walking will get you directly into historic center within 10 minutes – while there are also plenty of dining and sightseeing attractions close by.

Quartier de la Gare offers another great choice for city center stays: it lies directly adjacent to the train station and boasts a variety of budget- and luxury-level accommodations, making this neighborhood an excellent option if proximity is of paramount importance; though it might mean being slightly further from historic center attractions.

La Petite France is an UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s straight out of a fairytale! Boasting picturesque, old cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses reminiscent of yesteryear, La Petite France makes for a fantastic visit – particularly during Christmas market season!

Kable & Poincare

For an authentic Strasbourg experience, look no further than Kable and Poincare neighborhoods to the north of city center. These areas boast traditional Alsatian eateries as well as specialty wine stores; their streets are quieter and quainter, providing a welcome escape from tourist-packed central Strasbourg; many hotels located here may also be more budget friendly than those found on Petite France or Grand Ile Islands.

Kable and Poincare neighborhoods offer visitors an ideal spot for getting to the center quickly. Being so near allows first-time visitors to easily take in all the city sights. There are tram stops nearby for convenient travel; Kable and Poincare offer great choices for families with children as there are lots of parks with child-oriented activities nearby.

This neighborhood features a selection of restaurants and shops, along with attractions like the Strasbourg Municipal Baths and Egyptian House. Outdoor activities available here include cycling and kayaking – along with great wines to try. It boasts an active bar scene.

Staying in the European quarter offers another advantage – one of Europe’s oldest and most-acclaimed Christmas markets is located here! Every year thousands of tourists flock to this holiday tradition, making early booking essential if you wish to secure your place at this popular tourist spot.

Staying in the European district can be especially advantageous for visitors renting cars on their trip, as it is only minutes’ drive from both the train station and some of the most sought-after attractions in the city.

Citadines Kleber Strasbourg and Life Renaissance studios and apartments both provide hotel services within this neighborhood, featuring kitchenettes, free WiFi access and private parking – within a short walking distance from city centers such as Strasbourg Cathedral.

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