Best 5 Luxury Hotels In Italy

Italy is a wonderful country with so many great travel destinations that you can consider. Obviously, it will be tough to cover all that you want in just a few weeks and while it is so difficult to recommend some of the best travel destinations as this is subjective, we can highlight the best luxury hotels that the country has to offer. Italy’s top luxurious hotels give you access to style, comfort and a host of great facilities every single traveller will adore.

Hotel De Russie – Rome


This is a really chic boutique hotel that is opulently furnished and that is really close to the highly popular travel destination Piazza Del Popolo in the capital of Italy. It enjoys a great setting around terraced gardens. Around 75% of the guest rooms will feature striking contemporary, stark minimalist design style. They are highly comfortable and will give you access to thoughtful touches and really high tech gadgets, which is quite rare even with some reputable luxurious hotels.

Inn At The Spanish Steps – Rome


The name of the luxurious inn is quite telling of what you can expect. It was the former residence of well-known author Hans Christian Andersen. Now it was transformed into a small inn that features so much grace and charm. All the bedrooms will offer authentic period décor and will be furnished with all the modern comforts you would expect.

Villa San Michele – Fiesole

Villa San Michele - Fiesole

Villa San Michele is located in Fiesole, quite close to Florence. It is a former fifteenth century monastery that is now set right behind a façade that was designed by the well known Michelangelo. One of the famous residents that loved the villa is Brigitte Bardot. She actually chose it for a honeymoon. The décor that is offered is simply unique and cannot be duplicated by a designer, evoking the charm that was associated with the aristocratic villa.

Cipriani – Venice

Cipriani - Venice

The Venice hotel is elegant and exclusive, located on a private garden of 3 acres on Isola Della Guidecca. It is quite isolated and perfect for those that are looking for luxurious relaxation. It is away from Venice’s busy streets that are almost always filled with tourists. The surroundings are contemporary, chic, the rooms are sumptuous and there are so many recreational facilities that are offered. This includes a health club, an Olympic sized swimming pool and even a tennis court, the only one that Venice has to offer. There are 2 employees that take care of every room so you can expect tremendous staff help.

Four Seasons Hotel – Milan


This is a great hotel that is set in a former fifteenth century monastery. Initially, it was the residence of northern Italy’s governor during 1850 and then the hotel was created by the world renowned Four Seasons hotel chain. What is interesting is that this hotel incorporates medieval façade, original monastic details, modern facilities, pear wood cabinetry, stone floors, frescoes, columns and so much more. All guest rooms here are spacious, cool and sleek. Service can only be described as being perfect.

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