Beer Festivals in Asia

If you love to taste different beers, then you’ll love the many beer festivals in Asia. These events are always packed with people who share your passion for good beer. Some of the most popular events in the region include the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Great Hong Kong Craft Beer Festival, and the One Love Festival.

Qingdao International Beer Festival

The Qingdao International Beer Festival is Asia’s largest beer festival. It is held annually in August and attracts millions of visitors. There are many fun activities that make the festival a great experience. Besides a beer carnival, the event includes several performances.

In addition to the main venue, Golden Beach Beer City, there are also branch venues in other areas. For example, the old Beer City in Laoshan district and the International Beer Town in the Golden area of Qingdao.

These festivals have developed into a month long Asian Oktoberfest. During the month, various brews from all over the world will be served. This makes the festival more engaging for foreign tourists.

The first festival was held in 1991 and became the annual event. Today, it is one of the most important festivals in China.

Great Hong Kong Craft Beer Festival

The Great Hong Kong Craft Beer Festival returns to the PMQ in Central on October 12-13. This event is a showcase of the best international and local microbrews. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy a cross-cultural beer talk and homebrewing workshops.

Among the participating breweries are Double Haven, H.K., Moonzen, and Young Master Brewery. They will each have two beers on tap for the festival. In addition, the Yardley Brothers have launched a S.E.A. Sour craft beer. A jiuniang rice dessert fermentation technique is used to create this unique flavor.

Earlier this year, several members of the Hong Kong Brewers’ Guild vowed to boycott the event. However, some said they would participate and donate money.

Several Hong Kong breweries are now planning to start their own craft beer festivals. Some breweries are already starting to produce good beers.

One Love Festival

Amongst the myriad of beer festivals the One Love Festival is not a one trick pooch. However, it does have a few things in common with its cousins, namely a beer slash. As such, the festival has been known to attract a slew of quality drinkers. Indeed, it is no wonder the One Love Festival has a cult following amongst its peers. On top of that, the event has managed to lure an impressive slew of VIPs courtesy of the likes of the aforementioned beer lovers. The event isn’t cheap, but the good times and the good times are well worth it. This is not to mention the plethora of activities to be found at the festival. Fortunately, the event has managed to garner the enviable attention of many aficionados, including some of the country’s most prominent politicos.


Oktoberfest beer festivals in Asia can be found in many countries. Some of the most popular ones include the Czech Beer Festival in Prague and the Jeju Beer Festival in South Korea. The Qingdao Beer Festival, sometimes called “Asia’s Oktoberfest,” is a celebration of beer, Chinese culture, and entertainment.

One of the oldest and largest Oktoberfests is held in Munich, Germany. Aside from traditional festivities, such as a parade, a fairground, and live music, there are also rides and games.

Several international breweries are invited to participate in the festival. Some of the beer tents can hold up to 10,000 people.

The festival is generally held in late July or early August. However, this year, the event is scheduled to start earlier, at the Golden Sands Beach on Jia Ling Jiang East Road in Huangdao District, Shandong Province.

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