Barcelona’s Lesser-Known Travel Destinations – Hidden Gems To Visit

Barcelona is a fascinating cultural and historical destination renowned for its magnificent architectural style created by numerous adventurous architects including the brilliant Antoni Gaudi. The Catalan capital has numerous treasures. Some are well-known while others are lesser-known but just as amazing as the other ones. Finding a guide of Barcelona’s most popular destinations is very easy, however, if you love to discover places that are not populated with tourists all the time, our Barcelona’s lesser-known travel destinations guide will provide you with a list of things to do during your visit to the Catalan capital.

Gaudi’s Tomb

Barcelona’s tourists love to visit Sagrada Familia, however, not all tourist visit Sagrada Familia architect’s tomb even though the crypt is situated below the Basilica. If you want to learn more about the famous architect and you want to see the neo-gothic footprint that Gaudi inherited from Del Villar, the original architect, visit the crypt.

Cocktails Adventure

While in Barcelona, everybody drinks cerveza and cava but if you want to drink a delicious cocktail in a special location, visit Coctelería Boadas, Barcelona’s first cocktail bar opened in 1930 by Miguel Boadas who learned the secrets of mixology by making daiquiris for Hemingway. Situated close to La Rambla, Coctelería Boadas is usually overlooked by tourists but the place has an amazing history and the bartenders can offer you 680 different types of cocktails.

Roman Barcino

The preserved Roman necropolis is a place where you can see Catalans dancing the sardana during Sundays and you get the chance to explore the ancient city every day. You will be able to see the columns of the Temple of Augustus, visit the Centro d’Excurcionistas de Catalunya, an association established in the 19th century that celebrates the rich heritage of Catalonia. The first curator of the association was Antoni Gaudi who was also responsible for decorating the columns that were recently discovered. We also recommend visiting Barcelona’s Gothic cathedral. Its Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture is truly spectacular.

Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya

Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya is the place where you can find a mix of Romanesque and gothic altars and modern art. Stop at the cafeteria for a well-deserved break then go to the room situated left to the cafeteria for exploring a beautiful room with silver murals painted by Josep M Sert for Sir Philip Sassoon’s London ballroom.

Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet is Gaudi’s only award-winning work of art. The neo-Baroque house won the award for Façade of the Year in 1900. The building served as both a commercial property and a residence. Some parts of the building are private nowadays while others serve as a restaurant. You can dine in one of the three offices designed by Gaudi if you book a table at Casa Calvet.

Tuberculosis Clinic

Designed by Josep Lluis Sert in 1933, the Tuberculosis Clinic features a rationalist architecture.  Josep Lluis Sert is one of the architects who pioneered the rationalist style internationally, a style that puts function before form. Symmetrical, mathematical and geometrical structures with low ornamentation are the main characteristics of the rationalist style.

Monastir de Pedralbes

If you need a break from the busy city, head towards Avinguda de Pedralbes, pass Gaudi’s Dragon gate and arrive at the medieval entry of the Monastery of Pedralbes. Built in the 14th century, the monastery is the best place to explore medieval architecture. St Michael’s Chapel is a must for those who want to admire frescoes with scenes from the Passion of Christ and the Life of the Virgin painted by Ferrer Bassa.

The Rooftop of Palau Güell

The rooftop of Palau Güell is a collection of 20 colorful tile-covered chimneys situated on Palau Guell roof terrace. The building is a beautiful art nouveau work of art, designed by Gaudi between 1886 and 1888 for the industrial tycoon Eusebi Güell.

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