Advantages Of Building A Community Of Travel Blogger Friends

The life of a travel blogger looks fabulous. From many points of view it actually is. However, there are problems that all bloggers end up faced with and that do have an impact. So many enthusiasts start a travel blog and think that this is for them. Unfortunately, this is something that can turn out to be difficult, especially if you are alone on your journey.

The great thing about the internet is that it evolved to the point at which we can so easily get in touch with people that share our views and beliefs. We can make friends even if they are miles away. This includes travel bloggers. Although you might believe that you are mostly alone as a travel blogger, this is definitely not the case. You have your fans and you also have others that are doing the same thing that you do.

We have different advantages of building a community of travel bloggers and getting new friends that share your beliefs. Let us go through some of them so that you can understand why it is such a good idea to reach out and talk to others, which is something that so few actually do.

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You Receive Inside Information About Deals And Travel Opportunities

The travel blogger moves from one location to the next. This is especially true for the digital nomad. Such a way of life automatically brings in the need to be careful with the money that you have available.

Blogger friends will let you know about various different opportunities or discounts. There are even cases when they are approached by someone for a review and they cannot do it since they are involved in something else. In this scenario, they might forward the business your way. A lot of money can actually be saved by simply having friends that will showcase money saving opportunities.

His Readers Become Your Readers And Vice Versa

Growing together as a community is so much easier than growing alone. As a travel blogger you surely have many fans that follow your adventures and read the articles that you write. Your friend will have his own community. As the two of you become partners and maybe share guest posts or share content on social networks, both parties gain new fans. This is perfect since you can instantly increase the traffic of your blog and gain a friend at the same time.

You Can Get Blog Content For When You Cannot Write

This is one advantage that many people do not understand and one possibility that you have to consider. Google and basically all search engines love blogs that are constantly updated. Sometimes you cannot update your blog and you do not have time to schedule posts ahead of time. This is when you can talk to some blogger friends and see if they are interested in writing a guest post for your site. You thus get content, the site keeps on growing and you can also go on the trips that you have scheduled.

You Increase Your Authority As A Travel Blogger

We need to understand one general thing about human nature. Doctors usually hang around with doctors. Lawyers hang around with lawyers. It is completely normal for travel bloggers to be around travel bloggers. This brings in so many advantages, including increasing your authority.

When people see a conversation between you and another travel blogger on social media or through blog comments, they automatically see you with other eyes. The image that we portray is so important in everything that we do. As a travel blogger, you are a public figure, no matter how you see yourself. People see you differently through the opinions of other authority figures that they respect.

Just think about your blog being recommended in a book launched by another blogger. It is obvious that this is great for you. However, remember that one hand washes the other. You need to sustain relationships and give back to all those that give you something. Being friendly with everyone helps out a lot.

You Learn SEO And Marketing

Travel bloggers are usually really good at writing and know a lot about travelling. However, they usually do not know so much about SEO and various forms of marketing that are available right now. From your travel blogger friends you can learn so much about this, especially when you are a beginner.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of different ways in which you can promote your travel blog. How many do you know? Are they any good? Is there a mistake that you make and that hurts your search engine rankings? These are all questions that can be answered at a beer with your travel blogger friends.

You Have People To Go With You On Trips

Sometimes it is hard to find people to travel with you and travelling alone is not always rewarding. At times you do want people that you know with you since this only enhances the experience you will have. You can create great memories and have a much greater online presence due to the interactivity that can be created.


If you are currently not a part of a travel blogger community, do all that you can to find one where you will feel comfortable and with members that you like. Alternatively, build your own. Do not be afraid to comment on other travel blogs and share your opinions. Add the bloggers as friends on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Share the posts that you love and you will quickly notice that the favor will be returned.

We live in an age of technology. There is no reason why we should not take advantage of what technology can offer. The internet is a huge part of our lives as travel bloggers and we have to embrace it. The community that we talk about can be small or really big. No matter the case, it is clear that it has its huge advantages.

By Veselina Dzhingarova who is regular contributor at The Trip Blogger.

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