A Backpackers Guide: Top 7 Things to Do in New York City

It is nice to hear that an expensive city like New York City has places where you can go for free and indulge in a variety of activities. Backpackers will certainly heave a sigh of relief. While some attractions may cost you nothing, others may require you to pay a negligible fee.

A good planning will help you save on flight booking as well as what you do in the city of your dream. You can later use the saved amount for a lavish treat. Sounds interesting! Then read on and find out the top 7 things to do while you are in one of the freebie capitals of the world.

1.Times Square: You may not forgive yourself if you miss to visit Times Square while you are in New York City. It is where the heart of the city lies. It will not cost you more than the transportation fare to visit Times Square and experience its glowing lights and bustles. Moreover, it may not cost you a fortune to dine or enjoy Broadway shows.


2.Brooklyn Bridge: How about taking a walk on the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge? It doesn’t cost you anything as long as you prefer to walk than to hire a bike, which may cost you something around $15 for an hour.


3.Central Park: You can romp around an area of over 800 acres that has beautifully been laid out with gardens, open spaces, water and pathways. If you got tired of skyscrapers, tall buildings, and chaos of NYC streets, then retreat safely to Central Park, which is a popular site for walking and picnicking also.


4.The Staten Island Ferry: It may not be a fanciful idea for many travelers, but what distinguishes it from the others is the fact that it is completely free of charge. This means you can take a ride for nothing and get to experience spectacular views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the New York Harbor on your way to the Staten Island.


5.New York Public Library: Abbreviated as NYPL, it is the third largest library in the world. Run and managed by a no-profit organization, the library’s doors are open to one and all for free. While the architecture of the NYPL building offers a beautiful treat to your eyes, the huge collection of books and other resources will give you a reason to spend some more time here.


6.Rockefeller Center: It doesn’t cost you a dime to see the architecture of buildings comprising Rockefeller Center. Get a feel of nostalgia with the spectacular Art Deco architecture and the immaculate art work integrated throughout the area. Moreover, it would be a delightful experience to be at the top of the Rock Observation Deck if you can afford.


7.Museum of Modern Art: Normally you need to pay an entry fee to see the artifacts contained in the museum. However, you can join the crowd for free admission on Fridays. Being the last working day in the US, Fridays often bring you a lot of freebies. Look for the opportunities and plan your city tour beforehand. Book flights to New York City accordingly and have a great time well within your budget.

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