Top 5 Restaurants in Colorado

Colorado is well known for its majestic mountains, legal cannabis market and vibrant beer scene – but don’t be fooled into thinking this state only offers amazing eateries! Colorado also hosts some incredible dining establishments that deserve your consideration.

Denver is a culinary haven, filled with innovative ideas and creativity. Offering everything from craft cocktails to unique Asian fusion cuisine, there are numerous dining options for patrons to enjoy in Denver.

Bar Dough

LoHi restaurant Max Mackissock designed this LoHi restaurant’s menu to pair perfectly with Italian inspired cocktails, craft beers and Old World wines.

At an always-packed bar, servers dressed in white shirts dance gracefully between tables to offer excellent service without being pushy or pushy; friendly yet polished service as it should be!

Antipasti and primi sections of the menu offer enough variety to satisfy an entire meal, with particularly impressive Italian kebabs (spiedini) standing out among them all. One particular skewer featured local pork with pickled onions in an irresistibly tasty glaze of balsamic vinegar and colatura fish sauce; while trumpet mushrooms charred to perfection were served drizzled with lemon aioli for extra zesty flair.

One or two items detracted from our experience, with chicken liver entree and risotto being less than stellar. On the plus side, though, was our unforgettable bread basket experience.

Executive chef Carrie Baird has made her mark through her restaurants, culinary education and competitions. As a contestant on season 15 of Top Chef she gained fame for her Pork Green Chili Huevos Rancheros dish; additionally she has established an impressive catering business and cookbook featuring healthy ingredients with creative twists on classic dishes. In times of crisis she actively supported the restaurant industry and raised funds/provided meals to Frontline Workers/furloughed staff during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita has become an iconic location in Lakewood since opening its doors in 1974. A 52,000-square-foot combination of 1970s Disneyland and Las Vegas, Casa Bonita boasts cliff divers, mariachi bands, labyrinthine caves, kitschy decorations and other entertaining distractions that draw people in like magnetism; in 2015 it was even designated an historic landmark of Lakewood! People come for its eccentric atmosphere while its food takes second place to experience.

What has propelled its fame is South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s use of it as the subject of an episode, giving it widespread exposure and creating an avid cult following in Denver and beyond. Furthermore, numerous television shows and movies have featured it.

The latest renovation has kept the original vibe of the restaurant while making some minor adjustments to enhance overall experience. For example, guests will now order food through a Chipotle-inspired counter layout before being brought their tray directly to a table; this should reduce how long their food sits around, helping maintain quality ingredients.

As well as revamping the menu, the new owners have implemented other measures to streamline dining experiences for patrons. An upgraded bar serves up delicious cocktails inspired by Mexican flavors while some old cafeteria-style stations have been removed for more efficient kitchen operations.

On December 30th, Casa Bonita will celebrate their reopening with an exclusive event for their fans. Anyone interested can sign up on their website.

Biker Jim’s

Biker Jim’s is not your typical gourmet hand-held food restaurant; rather it stands as an homage to an American icon: the hot dog. Located in Denver, it has earned local, national, and international acclaim for its eccentric grilled dogs with extravagant toppings; their eccentric offerings have attracted food celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre; as well as long lines of tube steak fans and curious tourists. Their menu boasts reindeer, rattlesnake, pheasant and even yak sausage options!

Biker Jim’s menu features an assortment of sides, from charred tahini cauliflower and vegan Biker Jim’s baked beans to French fries served so hot they burn your hands, and signature limoncello sour orange swirl cheesecake – as well as having been featured on several travel and food shows.

Visits to the original flagship store on Larimer Street or one of its three carts are cultural experiences in themselves, drawing in diners who skew young and hip – from Rockies fans who rush in from Coors Field, families, college students, to diners dressed up as bikers – along with staff clad in T-shirts bearing biker slogans. The place buzzes nonstop.

The menu at Snake N Elk is truly imaginative, offering fifteen varieties of speciality sausages (rattlesnake and elk) served in buns. Once you’ve decided on one of their tasty franks, it’s time to choose how you’d like to dress it: topping options range from Coney sauce and Sonoran array (pinto beans, tomatoes, jalapenos onions mustard sriracha lime mayo) all the way up to The Desert option with harissa-roasted cacti, curry jam fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles fried pickles and cilantro! Plus drinks: Colorado craft beers as well as hard liquor choices such as Colorado craft beers & selection of hard liquor options make this experience unforgettable!

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Colorado is often associated with rugged mountains and its cuisine is no exception – yet Colorado offers so much more than its outdated Western image suggests! World-renowned chefs as well as cuisine from different cultures call Colorado home.

Buckhorn Exchange in Denver is an excellent spot to sample some of Colorado’s more distinctive cuisine. Established since 1893 and home of Colorado’s inaugural liquor license, you can sample meaty delights such as yak, ostrich and rattlesnake at this historic restaurant, in addition to Rocky Mountain oysters served with horseradish dipping sauce – the ideal appetizer before starting your meal here.

Sexy snacks known as cowboy caviar or prairie oysters are a favorite dish among cattle ranchers in Texas and Oklahoma, where ranching practices are predominant. Also enjoyed across Canada and South America where they’re called criadillas; eating testicles makes sense to reduce breeding cycles and minimize aggression among cattle herders.

While many find the idea of eating bull testicles repulsive, when prepared properly they can actually be quite delectable. The key is making sure they’re fully cooked instead of underdone which could result in rubbery textures. They’re typically coated with flour, salt and pepper before being deep-fried to golden brown hue.

Rocky Mountain oysters can be found at various restaurants throughout Colorado, such as Morrison’s The Fort in Boulder and Bruce’s Bar in Severance. Both establishments serve their versions simply sliced, battered and fried before offering it with a tart cocktail sauce for dipping.


Bison meat offers an exquisite alternative to beef with its exotic flavors and long history. Leaner and healthier than beef, bison is often chosen by those trying to lose weight as its animals are raised on open pastures and fed an all-natural diet. Additionally, its sustainability makes it an eco-friendly option.

If you’re craving an exquisite bison burger, Boulder’s Mountain Sun and Pub is an excellent destination. Situated in its oldest neighborhood, this eatery is beloved by both residents and visitors. Offering relaxed service with friendly staff members, Mountain Sun & Pub provides an inviting space where visitors can indulge in great burgers and drinks!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Denver offers another popular destination for bison burgers: their Buffalo Bill burger is topped with steakhouse bacon, blue cheese, and their unique Sassy Sauce; other popular offerings are Naked, Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger and Blue Creek.

Enjoy their signature sandwiches and bowls made of slow roasted bison with an array of fillings, such as vegetarian and gluten-free options. Additionally, there is also a selection of wines and beers to complete your experience at their restaurant.

As part of a Covid-19 pandemic, it’s crucial that you select a restaurant that will best meet your needs. To avoid infection from virus strains, as well as being prepared for potential outbreaks. Furthermore, parking should be easily available near any establishment you select.

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