The Best Festivals in Bali

Bali is an artistic oasis teeming with ceremonies and festivals celebrating various aspects of culture – some for pure fun while others carry deep spiritual significance such as Nyepi Day – Bali’s unique silent day.

Balinese people gather every year when the wind blows to build and fly colorful and designed kites as a symbol of thanks to God for abundant harvests. These beautiful kites represent their celebration.

Galungan & Kuningan

Galungan and Kuningan Festivals in Bali offer visitors a fascinating insight into its spiritual culture. These ten-day festivities commemorate the triumph of Dharma over Adharma (good over evil), with some believing this celebration brings with it spirits of deceased ancestors coming back home as they leave offerings. Homes also display penjors (tall bamboo poles decorated with fruit or coconut leaves) outside as an act of respect to gods.

At this festival, people fly traditional kites believed to bring prosperity and luck. Held each July – right as dry season winds blow – this event offers the perfect opportunity to engage with local culture while having a blast! Join in and have an incredible day!

Another highlight of this season is the Ngelawang Barong dance festival, performed by locals in their villages. They dress up in traditional Barong attire and carry their jukungs down the streets while performing music and dance – it is truly breathtaking and will leave an indelible mark! Don’t miss it; experience this spectacular ritual dance today!

Nyepi Day

Bali celebrates New Years in an exceptional way. While most celebrate it with fireworks, parties, and music, Bali hosts Nyepi Day or “Silence Day”, an important holiday in Hinduism which holds great meaning for Balinese culture.

Nyepi Day is an annual day of silence in Japan to allow its participants to connect with nature and reflect upon their values; many use this time to decide which values are most essential in life.

At Nyepi Festival, the evening of Nyepi is marked by vibrant processions featuring large Ogoh-Ogoh creatures made of paper mache that are paraded through streets before being torched; it is believed that these effigies can drive away any evil spirits responsible for illness or harm in the past year.

On Nyepi Day itself, all traffic on Bali comes to a stop and local TV stations close, mobile data services may become limited or slow and most hotels and villas in Bali close. Your concierge should still arrange meals as some establishments may still provide them. Also be sure to stock up on essentials before hand as some stores will close for good; the airport remains open but only for departures and arrivals while guests should make plans for meals the following day as restaurants will not be serving food during Nyepi.

Bali Arts Festival

The Bali Arts Festival, also known as Pesta Kesenian Bali (abbreviated PKB), is an annual month-long festival dedicated to all things cultural on the island. Tourists have an opportunity to become immersed in Balinese heritage through music, dance and other forms of artistic expression such as theatre plays, paintings and sculptures; moreover participants from throughout Indonesian districts come out and add extra liveliness with performances at this celebration of all things Balinese!

The festival kicks off with a parade featuring arts and cultural displays from different regions of Bali, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the rich and diverse culture of Indonesia as a whole. Visitors will have an incredible experience through dance dramas, traditional games, food festivals and other festivities at this year’s festival.

Festival is held from July to October and offers visitors a wonderful way to take advantage of Bali’s warm climate and witness an extraordinary spectacle: hundreds of kites soaring through the air! But these flying delights don’t represent nothing; rather they represent polar energies and serve as an offering to gods; thus often featuring symbols of fertility and prosperity adornments. In addition to watching them fly overhead, visitors can sign up for painting or craft competitions to discover raw talent among young artists as well as enjoy food festival treats a plenty!


Soundrenaline, located just moments from our luxury resort, is a two-day music festival featuring some of the biggest international headliners like Weezer, Neck Deep and Secondhand Serenade – so it promises to be an amazing event! Don’t miss it – make plans now to attend!

Omed-Omedan, or “the Omed-Omedan Ritual,” is an annual ritual celebrated in Banjar Kaja Sesetan in Denpasar and celebrating Balinese culture through ritualized acts of brotherly love and joy. Couples come together for this ceremony and embrace while onlookers splash water onto them symbolizing purification.

Bali Spirit Festival, held annually in March, is another exceptional music and cultural festival on Bali. Among other features, this week-long event offers yoga and meditation workshops, community market/healing center services, outdoor dance stage entertainment and much more!

Makepung Buffalo Races in Bali are an intriguing cultural tradition and take place annually from July to October, not for fun but as part of local farming tradition. By sending prayers up to heaven for fruitful harvests.

Gypsy Land Music & Arts Festival

Gypsyland Music & Arts Festival has earned itself a strong reputation since its inaugural edition in 2017. Showcasing some of the world’s top Techno dance artists while providing activities like rock climbing and axe throwing, guests can explore two realms on site – Badlands for an adrenaline-pumping experience such as dunk tank and bull riding; or Wonderland with rides such as Ferris Wheel.

Bali Kite Festival (Mid-July) – Kite flying is an immensely popular pastime on Bali, and one of its premier kite events, the Bali Kite Festival. Additionally, this celebration serves as an expression of thanks for an abundant harvest season.

Ubud Food Festival (last week of April) – As one of Indonesia and Bali’s premier culinary events, this Ubud Food Festival gives foodies an ideal chance to satisfy their taste buds with all kinds of delectable dishes from restaurants and local producers available here.

Bali Blues Festival (July) – This musical event seeks to keep the Blues alive on Indonesian islands by hosting two days of festivities at Nusa Dua Beach over an extended weekend period.

This is Life Festival

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), located in Indonesia’s sprawling cultural park, hosts this two-day music festival each September featuring international and local Indonesian bands alike. Attendees can expect performances by Martin Solveig, BROODS, Roger Sanchez, Khalid, and Clean Bandit – plus tasty cuisine from vendors throughout.

Three days prior to Nyepi, Balinese Hindus gather at beaches and immerse themselves in seawater to purify themselves spiritually and pray to Lord Shiva for spiritual enlightenment and prosperity for the coming year. Additionally, this event promotes family unity as well as deep respect for environmentalism and culture.

At Tenganan Pandan War/Mekare-kare, adult males compete by striking each other with sharp pandan leaves and rattan shields in a display of heritage-inspired combat. This event pays homage to Dewa Indra as well as to nature in general by spreading awareness.

With Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 memoir ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ propelling Ubud into global spotlight, Bali has since been known for being a major destination for those searching for spiritual development and self-discovery. This festival showcases this beautifully, featuring yoga workshops led by leading instructors as well as music concerts, organic markets and talks on self-help and personal growth.

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