Tokyo’s Most Expensive Hotels

Many of the staples of the magnificent city known as Tokyo are represented by the intriguing luxurious hotels. Tokyo has long been known for its wondrous and innovative architecture as well as its building design. There is no exception when it comes to the city’s upper class lodging.

The Peninsula Tokyo

The-Peninsula-Suite-Living-Room Day


Among the most prized in their extensive network of luxury hotels is The Peninsula Tokyo. This building is a towering skyscraper in the middle of Tokyo’s vast downtown. This hotel spares no expense when it comes to high-class accommodations. The dining area alone looks like it’s from a castle. The stunning building design features almost all glass extending up the entire tower.

Some of the suites also feature a telescope so you can gaze at the city, which is gorgeous at nighttime. Not only will you relax and sleep in style but you will also have the option to ride in style. This hotel offers amazing rides (at an extra expense) from their very own fleet of luxury cars consisting of Rolls Royce cars and BMWs. As stated before, this significant hotel spares absolutely no expense when it comes to giving their visitors top notch service.

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The previous hotel is not the only one to roll out the red carpet for their guests however. The Imperial Hotel Tokyo is quite a destination as well. This is widely known as the most famous hotel in Tokyo. The original building was built in 1890 and then remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright 30 years ago. The hotel standards are said to be what every other hotel in Tokyo is measured by. Ever part of this hotel is high class and on top of the line. This historical hotel also features a beautiful old time bar which is quite luxurious.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

One of the newer highlights of the city is the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. This building is a beautiful glass tower that was just opened in 2006. The suites here come with a beautiful city view along the skyline. The bathrooms are wide open and beautifully put together. They also feature a big beautiful marble bathtub. The living room is elegantly decorated and furnished making your stay there better than being at home. They are known for their superior service and accommodations.

Park Hyatt Tokyo


Last but not least we want to talk about the elegant Park Hyatt Tokyo placed tight in central downtown. The stunning architecture features three glass skyscrapers that are side by side. Visually, from the outside, it is more beautiful than any other hotel in Tokyo. The building starts being taller and gets slightly smaller as it goes down. This is truly what unique architecture looks like. This hotel does however have more to offer than just a visually appealing building design. Inside you will find high-class accommodations from the floor to the ceiling. They are well-decorated with a very warming and inviting feel. This hotel features a luxury swimming pool which is stunning as well. Everything down to the lighting is very specific for creating a very relaxing mood.

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