Barcelona’s Best Travel Accommodations

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, which is located on the South West side of Europe. It is a large metropolis located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the implication is that its tourism is on the upside. Barcelona therefore has a deeply rich cultural heritage and has been marked by UNESCO as an important world heritage site particularly for the architectural works of Lluis Montaner and Anthony Gaudi. It is a major tourist destination and has great influence on economy, commerce, sports, education and culture. While visiting this global city you should be able to land on some of the best places to stay either for a night or for a few days.

Hotel Majestic

hotel majestic barcelona

Hotel Majestic is located close to Anthony Gaudi’s famous monumental architectural buildings, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. It has a staggering long history written on its walls and special interiors and designs that attract the visitors’ attention. We must also mention the impressive ambitious columns and antique chandeliers which create that rustic antique feeling and the old majestic architecture delicately preserved to tell the age long tale of Barcelona’s Heritage. The lobby and the bar lounge are large and beautiful, with a piano placed there to entertain the guests. The rooms have recently been renovated recently to keep the guests comfortable. From the room balconies you will discover a beautiful scenic view of the Passeig de Gràcia, La Sagrada Familia and Barcelona Promenade. The hotel also sports a relaxing rooftop pool.

Casa Fuster

Casa Fuster

Casa Fuster is one of the modern hotels opened in Barcelona in 2004. It has a modern look, with 105 rooms on Passeig de Gràcia. It has a cafe as well, Cafe de Vienes right in front of the lobby, with bright polishing that brings a relaxing cheering feel. Its cuisine is modern but also includes traditional Spanish dishes. A traditional Italian Cuisine cafe is only two minutes away down the street and features a relaxing atmosphere for everyone interested in spending some quality time in the proper place.

Musik Boutique

musik boutique

Musik Boutique is a modern three star hotel located  in the center of Barcelona, not too far from Santa Caterina Market which is well loved by tourists.  Musik Boutique is a great quality hotel at a reasonable price.  The rooms are the epitome of modernity and are exquisitely comfortable. The emphasis is placed on the quality of the services. The hotel is perfectly situated in the old city. This hotel is very a smart pick. Breakfast is great too!

Violeta Boutique


Violeta Boutique is yet another modern guest house in an old city. It is a two star establishment. It is located in the ideal part of the town, in the heart of Barcelona. The decor of the rooms is bright, the rooms are clear and spacious and the services are immaculate. The council is also availed by the staff in terms of what parts of the city should be considered for an amazing tour, far from generally being helpful. This is a small guest house with only eight rooms but is really irresistible. The trick is to book beforehand.

Barcelona is an amazing city to visit whenever you want to just go someplace where magic is at home and where you can relax and recharge your batteries. There are numerous amazing places where you could stay in all the areas that make up Barcelona and a lot of special activities to consider when you are on a special trip there. Enjoy your holiday in the amazing city of romance and you will take great memories back with you at home!

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