The Best Restaurants in Moscow

With seating across two levels and a summer verandah, it’s no surprise that this seafood restaurant ranks among Moscow’s finest restaurants. The lively ambiance draws customers of all backgrounds – from wealthy fashionistas to Italian expats looking for dishes without dill.

This restaurant, created to evoke the atmosphere of 19th-century aristocrat’s houses, makes a must-visit experience – just be sure to book well in advance if you wish to secure a table!


Erwin Restaurant provides a selection of different fish dishes. Over 90% are harvested in Russia (from 25 rivers and seas). Try nelma (Siberian white salmon) or sterlet (a type of squid) while enjoying top-tier service from waiters who are always attentive.

Our knowledgeable sommelier will recommend the appropriate wine pairings for each course on the menu, which boasts an expansive array of seafood dishes as well as steak and pasta options. Furthermore, the wine list boasts everything from economical Latin American chardonnays to more extravagant French wines – there really is something here for every budget!

Located in Moscow’s Patriarch Ponds area, this restaurant is widely considered one of the top eateries. Popular among both locals and visitors alike, its open kitchen and exclusive author’s menu curated by its chef are among its many appealing qualities.

Restaurant Sopron specializes in traditional European cuisine with a Russian influence and has earned worldwide renown, ranking as one of the world’s best by multiple publications and being showcased on Netflix’s show “Chef’s Table”. Their food is delicious, their service exceptional and romantic atmosphere unforgettable; all this led to being awarded with “Menu & Bill”, an annual gastronomic prize honoring restaurants that have made outstanding contributions to their cities’ culinary scene.


Valenok Restaurant in Moscow’s heart offers traditional Russian cuisine on two floors for up to 340 diners, its name taken from an iconic Russian boot style. Situated on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and offering great service at reasonable prices (an average main course costs $10), this expansive venue can seat all visitors who dine here. Symbolized by a giant six-meter felt boot as its symbol and featuring both classic and contemporary dishes on its menu, this sprawling establishment also stands out for excellent customer service and affordability; boasting excellent service and reasonable pricing (an average main course costs $10).

Muscovites in Moscow are currently experiencing a culinary revival, moving beyond rocket salads and Argentine steaks that once reigned supreme to rediscovering their Slavic roots and welcoming forgotten or newly created ingredients while traditional cooking methods. A new generation of chefs is turning these traditional ingredients, such as local marbled beef and cheese into sophisticated dishes while restaurants introduce trendy new fare as part of this revolution.

Luch is one of Moscow’s finest restaurants. Situated in a pre-revolution building that belonged to an electro-lamp factory during Soviet rule, this happy eatery features casual seating on its first-floor casual room, two formal dining rooms on its second-level seating and an extravagant lounge on its third-level seating, decorated with wood paneled walls, framed pictures and open tiled fireplaces – an unforgettable dining experience awaits you here!

Luch is an iconic place in the heart of Moscow for beer and food lovers. Their bar offers over 50 kinds of beers and their menu features over 70 types of meat dishes; making this venue perfect for experiencing traditional Russian dinner with friends. Furthermore, with 10 screens inside as well as on their rooftop terrace – Luch makes the ideal venue for watching World Cup matches too!


This restaurant elevates traditional Russian stove cooking to new levels. They have won multiple awards and accolades and have established themselves as one of the city’s premier eateries. Set in a stunning historic building with breathtaking views, their dishes include caviar and blinchiki as well as offering wines and vodkas for customers to sample.

This restaurant features an elegant interior designed to emulate an aristocratic 19th-century mansion. Among other themed rooms are Pharmacy, Library and Fireplace rooms – making this must-see spot a must visit for anyone in Moscow looking for fine dining experience. Although its prices may be more costly than expected, service is impeccable and even has a face control policy in place for guests!

This restaurant is a favorite among both locals and visitors. Offering an intimate yet comfortable ambience, its relaxed yet cozy environment makes for the ideal dining experience. Offering everything from Russian favorites like borscht and beef Stroganoff to pelmeni and other fish dishes as well as vegetarian options, its menu has something for everyone here.

Dr. Zhivago

If you’re searching for an extraordinary culinary experience in Moscow, look no further! The service is impeccable and the food exceptional – both of which come together perfectly at this restaurant! Though a little pricey, the pelmeni are mouthwatering while boeuf stroganoff melts right in your mouth! Desserts also taste divine. Plus the atmosphere is very stylish while staff are kind.

Chef Z’s brings an unexpectedly fresh flair to classical recipes, adding an innovative touch to an ancient culinary tradition that remains vital today. Their menu offers an extensive selection of Soviet classics such as borscht, soups, cold meats salads blintzes pelmeni blintzes cutlets caviar and desserts for you to enjoy!

Dr. Zhivago is a recent addition to Moscow, competing with Cafe Pushkin by offering traditional Russian cuisine with a contemporary touch. Its bright interiors harken back to Soviet era design while staff wear white shirts adorned with red stars for service.

Pushkin Restaurant, like Pushkin, caters to oligarchs and politicians with an extensive menu that features caviar and Champagne; yet it can also make an excellent first impression when meeting dates or business partners. Their service is outstanding, while waiters will happily recommend vodka or special liqueurs to complement your meal.

Cafe Pushkin

At first glance, Moscow may have not been known for its culinary delights, but visionary restaurateurs and innovative chefs have changed this perception. Now there are several restaurants that could rival those across Europe; Turandot stands out as an exceptional dining option, serving gourmet food and beverage.

This restaurant can be found in Moscow’s high end shopping district, near TSUM department store and Ararat Park Hyatt hotel. Perfect for lunch or dinner with friends, this venue also features a lounge area where guests can unwind before heading out for their meal.

Although some may be leery of dining at this type of establishment, it’s well worth their while – you’ll enjoy delicious food in an eclectic environment at an affordable price!

If you want to experience dining like a Russian aristocrat, this restaurant near Red Square may be just the place for you. Set within the National Hotel and decorated with crisp white walls and replicas of iconic Soviet paintings as well as staff wearing traditional uniforms, it serves classic dishes such as caviar, blinis and ukha (fish soup) – making for an enjoyable visit with friends!

White Rabbit

The White Rabbit restaurant provides an immersive dining experience with its fine European menu and breathtaking view. When scanned using an app, its Birch Blast and Condensed Milk dish transforms into a three-dimensional show!

Each season, Metamorphoses showcases Mukhin’s distinct style and knowledge of Russian ingredients. His cuisine draws upon traditional recipes while using only subtle flavor combinations to evoke delicate images reminiscent of Russia’s natural and historic landscapes.

Vladimir Mukhin is a fifth-generation Russian chef who began his culinary journey at age 12. Throughout his training – which took him from France, Spain, and Japan (La Barone in France, El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, Khajimi in Japan) as well as Netflix’s Chef’s Table – Mukhin has proved that modern Russian cuisine can appeal to even the most refined palates worldwide. Mukhin opened White Rabbit in 2012 to demonstrate this point – using local seasonal products with modern techniques combined with innovative combinations to craft special culinary experiences; guests can also sample light flavors such as pickled mushrooms or dessert made with tangerine honey!

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