Luxury Boutique Hotels In New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that provides wonderful experiences to tourists who want to discover its charming streets, French flair and wonderful cuisine. The elegant, romantic city offers a wide range of accommodation options for those who want a luxurious experience that will not take away the famous New Orleans style and charm. Combining modern amenities with European heritage is not an easy task, but there are many luxury boutique hotels in New Orleans that not only managed to do this, but also surpass even the most pretentious tourist’s expectations.

Le Meridien New Orleans            

Le Meridien New Orleans

Suites: 22

Rooms: 410

Built in 1984 and remodeled in 2015, Le Meridien New Orleans is a luxury boutique hotel that manages to combine the contemporary comfort with the European style, creating a culturally, meaningful experience for any visitor who stays in the hotel’s rooms and suites. Located in downtown New Orleans, close to the French Quarter, Le Meridian New Orleans introduces people to the beautiful atmosphere of the city.

W New Orleans French Quarter

W New Orleans French Quarter

Suites: 5

Rooms: 97

W New Orleans French Quarter is renowned for the famous South hospitality and its enchanting design. This hotels captures the charm and mystery of New Orleans in an eclectic and beautiful way. W New Orleans French Quarter feature a European style courtyard with a fire-lit fountain and an outdoor pool.

The boutique hotel is situated close to the famous Jackson Square where tourists can experience the best of what New Orleans has to offer: boutiques, live jazz music, popular restaurants with delicious creole cuisine and other hidden treasures.

Hotel Mazarin

Hotel Mazarin New Orleans

Suites: 3

Rooms: 102

Hotel Mazarin is a luxury boutique hotel with spacious rooms that offer all the comfort of modern rooms while preserving the New Orleans flair. The hotel courtyard is very elegant and it has a European style fountain as a centerpiece. Outside the hotel rooms, tourists can enjoy the New Orleans nightlife, wine and other magic experiences representative to New Orleans.

Audubon Cottages

Audubon Cottages

Suites: 7

Rooms: 12

The Audubon Cottages were built in 1798 and remodeled in 2012 and they have everything New Orleans has to offer in terms of elegance and charm. The luxury cottages offer boutique hotel like services and a relaxing retreat just in the middle of the French Quarter. This historic location is a collection of seven cottages located in the oldest part of the French Quarter and while they maintain the style that consecrated them, they offer modern amenities to all their guests.

The Cornstalk Hotel

The Cornstalk Hotel new orleans

Rooms: 14

The Cornstalk Hotel is not a simple luxury hotel, it is also a famous tourist attraction due to the fact that it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in the early 1800, the luxury boutique hotel has 14 rooms with historic furnishings, beautiful fireplaces and stunning chandeliers. Guests of the hotel feel like they traveled in time and they live in a total different era thanks to the welcoming Victorian styled rooms. However, the hotel has all the modern amenities a tourist can wish for so the time traveling is just in terms of style.

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