The Very Best Botanical Gardens You Can Visit In Great Britain

While visiting UK, tourists can relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe. The wonderful botanical gardens can be found in many regions of the United Kingdom and they are the perfect retreat for nature lovers who want to discover numerous plant species. It’s hard to pick only the best botanical gardens in UK, but we chose the ones that offer different experiences for tourists.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham


Founded in 1829, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens include an amazing display of bonsai and 4 glasshouses – the Tropical House, the Subtropical House, the Arid House and the Mediterranean House. This botanical garden is perfect for families with children. There are numerous educational events hosted by Birmingham Botanical Gardens and also children trails that introduce the little ones to various plant species including the ones that inspired the plants in Harry Potter. Besides the plants, children can also visit the butterfly house and enjoy the wonderful butterflies that live in the UK during summer.

Coton Manor Garden, Northampton

Coton Manor Garden

The 16th century manor’s garden offers an incredibly peaceful experience for those who visit it. During spring months and especially in May, visitors can enjoy the bluebell walk in the garden. The month of August is perfect for those who love roses since the garden is filled with full bloomed roses. There are also many different type of trees, wildflowers and the spring that crosses the garden provides the perfect view for a picnic. Coton Manor is not a typical botanical garden, it is a destination for those who are looking for a peaceful retreat from a different time.

University Of Bristol Botanic Garden, Bristol


Home to 4500 plant species, the University of Bristol Botanical Garden is the first new botanical garden created in the UK in 40 years and it displays four collections of plants: local flora and rare natives, Mediterranean, evolution and useful plants. There are also many exotic plants, such as carnivorous plants and cacti displayed in the glasshouses.

Greencombe, Porlock


Unlike other botanical gardens, Greencombe is a fully organic garden that is open only a few months per year, from April to July. Located just outside Portlock, this magical place is not very well known and it offers the perfect environment for those who want to discover amazing plant species including the largest holly tree in UK. The secret garden is also home to rare species of fern, camellia, azalea and rhododendron.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Richmond


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 90 attractions that can be visited by tourists from all over the world. Among the most amazing attractions are the Princess of Wales Conservatory, the Rose Garden and the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art. The garden is centuries old and it was developed by gardeners, scientists, botanists and collectors who were passionate about different species of plants.

Dalemain, Penrith


Dalemain historical gardens are situated around a 14th century mansion, on the edge of the Lake District National Park. Again, this is not the typical botanical garden, but a wonderful place where there are many types of flowers and plant species that can be admired by those who love nature. While visiting the garden, tourists can admire the Tudor-style garden that complement the Georgian façade of the manor but also beautiful roses, chamomile and pineapple flower. If you follow the Rose Walk that is scattered with apple trees, you will arrive at Stumpery, a woodland where dead trees and roots are laid down, creating a wonderful Gothic appearance. Tourists can also relax drinking a cup of the at the tea room located in the Medieval Hall.

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