How to Plan a Perfect Surf Holiday

A surf holiday provides one of the best ways to break the monotony of our daily lives, not mentioning the adrenaline rush and the fun that offers the perfect way to unwind. You can either plan the surfing trip solo, but group surfing trips are much more fun.


What to Carry

As with most trips, there are essentials that one should never leave behind. They both provide for an enjoyable, comfortable and safe surfing trip. The major requirements are

Surf equipment. Includes the board, wetsuits, rash vest, traction pad and leashes.
Light clothes
Heavy clothes in case the weather gets chilly, especially in the evenings.
Beachwear. Includes bikini, hat, beach shirt, t-shirts and a Speedo.
First aid kit.


How to Plan the Actual Holiday

Most surfers are always on a quest for that perfect wave. Surfing, especially when included in a road trip, can be a very entertaining and equally rewarding, from the finicky weather patterns, to maintaining the surfing equipment in perfect state.

When planning a surfing holiday, specifically for a group, the most important step into gauge the individual surfing abilities of the group members. More experienced often seek the more challenging, harsher waves, while beginners often prefer calmer beaches. Once the experience levels are gauged, the group can then research on the perfect beaches and surfing equipment to cater to everyone’s needs.

Regularly check-up of the destination weather patterns is very important. The weather, especially along the beaches, changes constantly and sometimes without warning, so proper precautions should be taken. Most coastal watch websites often post regular updates on the present and forecast weathers. Having prior information will keep you informed and also help you decide the steps to take including the surfing equipment and things to carry.

One of the best ways to plan a surf holiday is to integrate it in a road trip. These helps you combine three fun areas; the mighty ocean, the road and the various adventures in between. Ensure that the mode of travel chosen is can comfortably accommodate the group, the surf boards and other equipment. If flying however, it is better and cheaper to purchase or rent the surfing equipment at the destination.


Best Surf Locations

During the summer, some locations in Europe offer one of the most prime locations in the world. These include the prime Landes Beach in France, Anglet, northern Spain, central Portugal and the swell charged beaches along the northern Atlantic.

The Indian Ocean beaches are one of the most prime surfer’s popular destinations. The weather consists of warm summer all throughout the year, with only a few months of slight rain. The prime locations include South Morocco, South Africa, and The East African Coast. Other areas include the Maldives, Australia Sri Lanka and Bali.

Most areas of South America experience around 300 days of sunshine every year. Add on the pristine blue waters, white sandy beaches, challenging swells, and you get the perfect surf holiday. Popular sites include the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, Peru and the Galapagos Island. The 26 degrees clear water and the sandy beaches are a sure joy. Whichever location you pursue, prior research is important. Ensure that you check out the requirements for travel, include vaccinations, travel requirements, whether conditions and the forms of accommodation available. Most popular surfing capitals usually have nice surfing resorts with accommodation for all budget levels, international cuisines and provision for surfing equipment rental.

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