8 In-Flight Essentials to Pack

To an uncomfortable passenger, long flights may seem like forever.

There’s the stinky restroom, and squeaking babies. If you are really lucky, you even get to sit next to a passenger whose snore is loud enough to keep everyone aboard awake. You try your best to survive the long haul with your beautiful destination in mind.

You need not go through the challenge alone. Pack your bags ahead of time and ensure that you have these in-flight essentials safely tucked.


Noise-cancelling headphones

It isn’t always as easy as requesting another passenger to turn down their speaker volume. Some noise sources are too hard to escape. Even people concerned have little control of the situation.

For instance, kids who throw tantrums when they do not get what they want. Or crying infants who will never be able to tell what they want.

Noise-isolation headphones hence are a must so you can take a rest even with these inevitable noise in the background.



It is not unheard of that airline menu is not at all times interesting and satisfying.

Since you don’t want to run to the restrooms anytime soon, pack your own snacks. You not only control your expenses. You also get to consume something that you surely will appreciate.

It also helps that you eat before the flight. Be careful though with the serving. Overfeeding yourself may cause discomfort during the flight. Make trips to the bathroom before boarding.


Eye mask

Having a good night sleep is a challenge during long hauls, even to frequent travelers.

Your body clock plus your neighbors can get in the way. Block any light or disturbing sight by stashing in your carry-on an eye-mask. For comfort’s sake, see to it that you have tried the item before purchasing.

You can use some practice on this part. Sleep with the eye mask on while you’re still at home.


Scarf or hooded jackets

Aside from the eye mask, another item worth placing on your carry-on or simply wearing is a scarf or a hooded jacket.

This is especially advisable if you are that type who’s extremely concerned how they look while they’re asleep. Keep your face from view with the aid of the scarf or the jacket hood.


Neck pillow

The barely there legroom is not the only problem you will have to deal with during long flights. The chair itself (even with its reclining feature), and even other passengers may cause you trouble.

Bring your own neck pillow to help you sleep comfortably. Again, test-drive the pillow before carrying it with you.


Extra socks

It can get chilly in the plane. And not all airlines provide socks or slippers to passengers. Be prepared and bring extra pair of socks.


Pack in “busy” tools

Entertainment items are another essential travel buddies.

Bring a novel you can keep yourself busy with. Or an e-book reader so you can store as much essay writing outputs or any reading material of your choice. Load your tablet with films and ensure that you have your earphones with you. Bring extra batteries for expanded gadget life support.

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