Glasgow Nightlife Overview

The Glasgow nightlife is quite special. Those that livein the city will tell you that there is always an urge to produce new artists and this automatically leads towards a huge club based nightlife for the younger crowds. Combine this with the various interesting restaurants and lively areas in the city and you have access to a really interesting city to visit if you are a little bit of a night owl.

When comparing Glasgow with other cities in the UK or even from around the world, the party scene can be described as more intense. This is in part because of the schedules. Most of the clubs are open from 11 PM till 3 AM so partying is always really hard. The great thing is that the party atmosphere is also translated to streets, especially during the weekends. You will surely see a lot of people, much noise and quite strong emotions.

Cathouse Rock Club Glasgow

Start the night in Finnieston for a drink and dinner before heading to a club. There is so much variety present here and you will surely love the choices that are available. Distill is a great venue and bar that you can visit with various DJs that have regular slots there. Then, you can consider Chinaski’s, Berkeley Suite or The Sarachen’s Head if you want to experience an older style pub. If you decide to visit this pub, do try Shammy.

After you get warmed up, you will want to party more or go home. If you fall in the first category, do look for Numbers Parties. They are held in various locations. Do consider Sub Club since it is the club that has the longest history in the Glasgow clubbing scene. Quality was always high and those that run the club are music levers. Security is quite friendly, the sound system can only be described as perfect and most of the crowd is wild. Longevity is guaranteed by this and tourists normally visit.

In the event that you are looking for a new clubbing experience, you will want to see if you have some free space at La Cheetah. Only 200 people can be accommodated at the same time but if you are one of them, you will love the atmosphere.

If you want to go for something that is alternative in nature, we should recommend The Poetry Club. This is exactly what the name implies and events do go on late during the nights. There are many sessions that are often held with experimental music and not many know about it so you will be surrounded just by art and music lovers.

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